A little more about us

The Eastern Townships Archives Portal (ETAP) was established in 2016 as a multilingual, multi-repository online archives management database for historical societies and archives repositories situated in the geographic area known historically as the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Funding for the launch of the database was received from Library and Archives Canada and the project headed by the Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC).

ETAP runs on AtoM, for Access to Memory, which is open source web-based software first developed by the International Council on Archives and now continues to be supported by Artefactual Systems Inc. AtoM is designed to adhere to international and national standards of archives management. It consists primarily of the following three types of records:

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For more information on AtoM and a detailed user manual, visit the software website.
Please consult the user manual for ETAP members for a guide to using the database.
Need a quick memory aid for what sections of the are most commonly used? Check out ETAP's cheat sheet!

NEW - June 2022: Updated list of Subject Access Points.
Looking for tips on how to search the Portal or (for members) how to add archival descriptions? Visit our Youtube channel.

For information on joining the Eastern Townships Archives Portal and including your historical society's or repository's archival descriptions in the database, contact the ETRC Archivist (etrc2@ubishops.ca).


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada in making the development of this site possible.