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Sangster Memorial United Church (Sherbrooke, Que.)

The Sangster Memorial United Church was co-founded in 1946 by the ministers and the members of Plymouth United Church and Trinity United Church in Sherbrooke. The large number of residents from the West Ward of Sherbrooke attending the two United Churches asked for a church of their own. The church was built on Denault Street and the inaugural service was held in 1949. In 1966, the number of members had dropped and the Sangster Memorial United Church was dissolved. Its members went back to Plymouth United Church or Trinity United Church. Sangster Memorial United Church was administered in a manner in keeping with the United Church of Canada Manual. The Church Boards consisted of : Board of Trustees, Official Board Session, Board of Stewards, and Congregation. Committees were also formed according to the needs of the congregation. Women from Sangster Memorial United Church were active in the United Church Women. Sangster Memorial United Church was part of the Quebec-Sherbrooke Presbytery of the Montreal-Ottawa Conference of the United Church of Canada. Later on, the building housed a billiard hall, and was still standing as of 2021.

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