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Hackett, John Thomas, 1884-1956

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John Thomas Hackett B.L., B.C.L. is the son of Michael Felix Hackett and Florence Alberta Knight. He was born in Stanstead, Quebec on 12 June 1884. He was educated at St. Charles Seminary, Loyola College, Laval, and a graduate of McGill’s Law school. It was there that J.T. Hackett founded the student council of McGill (1909). He was a resident of both Montreal and Stanstead, Quebec. He was married to Linda Harding (1884-1965) in 1912 and they had Florence Knight (1913), Ann Kidder (1914-1931), Linda Mary (1916-1917), Guy Harding (1918-1951), Julia Alice (b. 1919), John David (1920-1980), Ruth Rose (1922-1928), and Mary Cora (b. 1924). Hackett’s occupation as Lawyer was followed by terms as a Federal Conservative M.P. (1930-1935, 1945-1949) and Senator (1955-1956). In his lifetime he participated on the board of governor’s for McGill University, Executive Board of The Charity Organization Society, Catholic Social Service Guild, and Loyal Convalescent Home. He was also President of Jr. Bar Assiciation (1919), Batonnier of the Bar Association of Montreal (1945-1946) and Canadian Bar Association (1947). John Thomas like his father was involved in the military as a Lieutenant of 55th Regiment, Irish Canadian Rangers. He was also the president of the Stanstead County Historical Society (1936-1956). He passed away 15 September 1956 and is buried in the Mont Ste. Marie Cemetery in Stanstead.

Hackett, Michael Felix, 1851-1926

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Michael Felix Hackett B.C.L. was born into a Irish Catholic home on 23 August 1851. His parents were Patrick Hackett ([18-?]-1869) of Ireland and Mary Griffin ([18-?]-) of Granby, Quebec. His father was the first Mayor of Granby, Quebec who died when a bridge collapsed in April of 1869. Michael Felix Hackett studied locally at the Granby Academy College, as well as at the College of Sainte-Marie de Monnoir, and College of Saint-Hyacinthe. He studied law at McGill University and on June 17th, 1874 he was admitted to the Quebec provincial Bar. M.F. Hackett was married in 1883 to Florence Alberta Knight ([1859]-1913) daughter of Albert Knight M.P. (1817-1887) and Julia Ann Rose (1817-1894). They had a family of five: Sybil Rose (1886-1954), Florence Julia (1891-1912), Mary Griffin (1896-1980), John Thomas (1884-1956) and Felix Winfield (1890-). M.F. Hackett practiced law in the Stanstead community, was the Mayor of Stanstead Plain (1890-1904) and Prefect of the County (1891-1897). He was a Judge of the Superior court of Quebec and politician, participating in the Quebec Legislature elected in 1892. He assumed the position of Provincial Secretary until retirement. He also ran for the federal legislature (1900 and 1904), but was not elected. He was Director and Vice president of Stanstead and Sherbrooke Mutual Fire Insurance (1835-[19-?]). In addition to this, M.F. Hackett was the President of the Stanstead County Farmers’ Institute, the Saint-Joseph Society, Eastern Township’s Liberal-Conservative Party (Quebec) and the School Board Trustees. He also was a member of the Board of Examiners for School Teachers of Eastern Townships, Milita Captain, Batonnier of the Saint-Francois Bar (1892-93) and (1900-1901), and Grand President of the Catholic Mutal Benefit Association of Canada (1895-1916). M.F. Hackett passed away 12 April 1926 in Cowansville, Quebec. He is buried at the Mont Ste. Marie Cemetery in Stanstead.

Comité de bassin Massawippi-Tomifobia (Ayer's Cliff, Que.)

The Comité de bassin Massawippi-Tomifobia (CBMT) was organized in 1998 by the Massawippi Water Protection Inc. and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2002. It was established because the members of the Massawippi Water Protection Inc. felt that Lake Massawippi's water problems neccessitated corrective measures far upstream from the lake, which came to empass the entire watershed. Although formed by the Massawippi Water Protection Inc., the CBMT is an independent organisation directed by 15 members, 10 of whom are delegates from various agricultural, forestry, municipal, and commercial groups. The CBMT's mission has been outlined to sensitize people to the importance of the watershed as well as to their interventions to improve water quality and the environment by working with citizens, users of the area, municipalities, the MRCs, federal and provincial ministries and other organizations. Some of the activities that have been realised during their existence are the removal of logjams on the bed and along the shores of the Tomifobia river and the planting of shrubs and trees along the shorelines of the Tomifobia and Niger rivers. Their activities are funded, for a significant part, by donations and government grants.

The CBMT was officially dissolved on 6 May 2005.

Simeon, Grant

Grant Siméon graduated from Bishop's University in 1985. From 1985 to 1995, he was a photographer for The Record, a newspaper serving the English-speaking community of the Eastern Townships region. In 1997, he established his own photography and graphic design studio in Lennoxville, Quebec, called Communications Grant Siméon Photographe & Associés, which offers photography as well as graphic design services. Not only has he photographed numerous community figures and events during his professional career, he has also developed an impressive portfolio including portrait, advertising, food, industrial and fashion photography.

Brookhouse, Newton, 1849-1917

Newton (Backhouse) Brookhouse was born in Castletown, Lancashire, England on 22 July 1849, son of Henry Backhouse and Sarah Maria Duncalf. Upon finishing school, he went into business, working with his brother George in the paper industry, which led him to travel to Canada on a few occasions. Brookhouse married Mary Partington the 15 January 1877. Together they had two sons: Reginald John G. (1882-1948) and Wilfred Newton (1885-1969). Between 1881-1882, Newton and Mary immigrated to Canada. Settling in Montreal at first, he soon afterwards moved to the Townships, where he bought Elder Mitchell's farm near Georgeville. Thenceforth, in addition to farming and stock raising, he devoted himself to photography and much of his work depicts scenes from around Lake Memphremagog, in particular Georgeville and Magog. He died on 6 February 1917 at the age of 68 and was laid to rest in Ives Cemetery on the Georgeville Road.

Eastern Townships Heritage Foundation (Lennoxville, Que.)

In 1976, a group of English-speaking citizens concerned by the loss of the archives and the architectural heritage of the Eastern Townships created the Eastern Townships Heritage Foundation, at first called the Eastern Townships Local Studies Foundation. The Foundation's mandate was to seek out, record, and preserve rapidly vanishing resources of a cultural and historical nature. The goals were to gather together the resources available to support local and regional studies; obtain the support and co-operation of all organizations and institutions working on local studies; create and sustain an awareness on local history; and fund research projects. Because many members of the Foundation were employed by Bishop's University and Champlain Regional College these two institutions gave constant support. The Foundation, a non-profit organization, which had its head office in Lennoxville, was incorporated on 14 February 1977. It was managed by its 20-member Board of Directors, 10 of whom represented local historical societies; and by the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer. In 1978, the Foundation created the following committees: Liaison, Acquisitions, Research, Education, and Finances. In 1977 and 1979, the Foundation contributed to a major project called Landscapes of the Past: taped interviews were carried out with senior citizens on lifestyles in the Eastern Townships during the first half of the 20th century; and contacts were made from photographs owned by individuals or organizations in the region. From 1980, however, the Foundation's activities lost momentum and in 1984 it was disbanded. The Eastern Townships Research Centre, created in 1982, took over the promotion of research on the Eastern Townships region.

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