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Baldwin, Harold Richard, 1931-1993

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Harold Richard Baldwin, known more commonly as Dick, was born 30 September 1931, the second youngest son of Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. He studied Stanstead College, a private boarding school located in Stanstead, Quebec, and pursued post-secondary studies at Mount Allison Academy in Sackville, New Brunswick. Dick died in 1993 and is buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Corey, Alice Lill Baldwin, 1928-1971

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Alice Lill Baldwin was born 7 January 1928 in Baldwin's Mills and was the youngest daughter of Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. In adolescence, she attended Stanstead College, in Stanstead, Quebec.

The 15 May 1948, Alice married I. Ross Corey and together they had 4 children. She and two of her sons died in a tragic car accident the 9 Nov 1971 in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. Alice is buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, Eunice Ruth, b. 1926

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Eunice Ruth Baldwin was born 13 March 1926 in Baldwin's Mills to Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. During her adolescence, Eunice attended the Feller Institute, a co-educational boarding school in Grand Ligne, Quebec. Later, she went on to pursue post-secondary studies in Montreal.

Baldwin, Elvyn Mead, 1925-2008

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Elvyn Mead Baldwin was born 12 May 1925 in Baldwin's Mills, one of the four sons of Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. During his adolescence, Elvyn attended Stanstead College (in Stanstead, Quebec) and the Feller Institute (in Grande Ligne, Quebec), both boarding schools. During World War II, in about 1943, joined the Royal Canadian Navy, in which he served until around 1945. During his service, Elvyn was stationed on the HMCS Cornwallis, the HMCS Hochelaga II, the HMCS Donnacona and the HMCS St. Hyacinthe. After his time in the RCN, Elvyn pursued post-secondary studies at McDonald College in Montreal.

On 8 September 1951, Elvyn married Erline Jane Ross and together they had four children: Eva, Mead, Louise, Allen and Paul.

Elvyn passed away 11 June 2008 in Baldwin's Mills and is buried at the Lakeview Cemetery.

Baldwin, Willis Keith, 1922-

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Willis Keith Baldwin, known more commonly as Keith, was born 27 December 1922 in Baldwin's Mills, the eldest son of Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. He attended high school at Stanstead College, a private boys school in Stanstead, Quebec, which he graduated from in 1940. Eventually Kieth became a metallurgical engineer and moved to Lennoxville with his wife, Evelyn Rowe (1923-2015). Together they had four children: Bill, David, Nancy, and Dale.

Racicot, Ruby May Baldwin, 1921-2014

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Ruby May Baldwin was born 21 October 1921 in Baldwin's Mills, the eldest daughter of Harold F. Baldwin and Ruth S. May. In adolescence, she studied at the Feller Institute, a private boarding school in Grande Ligne, Quebec. Ruby pursued post-secondary education at MacDonald Teacher's College and at the McGill University School for Teachers. She married Roland Racicot and they had at least two children together: Peter and Sharon.

Ruby passed away in Sherbrooke on 6 January 2014.

Baldwin, Ruth Stevens May, 1890-1971

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Ruth Stevens May was born 11 August 1890 in Baldwin's Mills, the second youngest daughter of Darius May and Emma J. Stevens. As a young woman, Ruth was a teacher in Barnston and also worked as dressmaker. She married Harold F. Baldwin on 26 January 1921 and they had seven children together: Ruby May, Willis Keith, Elvyn Mead, Eunice Ruth, Alice Lill, Harold Richard and Lester Stevens.

Ruth died 28 September 1971 and was buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, Mead Haskell, 1891-1921

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Mead Haskell Baldwin was born 28 September 1891 in Baldwin's Mills, the youngest son of Willis K. Baldwin and Lill M. Ferrin. By the early 1910s, he had moved to the United States to study and work as a book-keeper. Mead served as a soldier with the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. He never married.

Mead Baldwin passed away in Baldwin's Mills 17 February 1921 and was buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, Harold Ferrin, 1886-1975

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Harold Ferrin Baldwin was born 9 July 1886 in Baldwin's Mills, the eldest son of Willis K. Baldwin and Lill M. Ferrin. He pursued post-secondary studies at McGill University in Montreal and graduated in 1909. He also traveled extensively during his early adulthood. Harold married Ruth S. May, also of Baldwin's Mills, 26 January 1921. He and Ruth had seven children: Ruby May, Willis Keith, Elvyn Mead, Eunice Ruth Alice Lill, Harold Richard and Lester Stevens.

Harold F. Baldwin passed away 2 April 1975 while in California and was buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, Lill Mead Ferrin, 1859-1935

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Lill Mead Ferrin, the daughter of Martin C. Ferrin (1816-1892) and Sarah Mead (1828-1870), was born 13 October 1859 in Holland, Vermont. She married Willis K. Baldwin 17 March 1881, which took place in Holland. Subsequently, Lill moved to Baldwin's Mills where she and W. K. had two sons: Mead Haskell and Harold Ferrin. Later in life, Lill traveled extensively in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, both with her husband as well as on her own. Lill died 20 April 1935 in Richmond, Virginia, while traveling south, just a day after her husband's murder in Baldwin's Mills. She is buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, Willis Keith, 1857-1935

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Willis Keith Baldwin, better known as simply W. K., was born 17 March 1857 in Barnston and was the youngest son of John Percival Baldwin and Jeanette Baker. W. K. was educated at Stanstead Weslyan College and appointed Justice of the Peace in 1913. Included among his numerous business and political activities, he succeeded his father as owner of the Baldwin family's mills, was a director of both the Canadian Crocker Wheeler Company and Southern Canada Power, contributed funds to construct roads in the Townships of Barnston and Stanstead, and was an extensive land owner throughout the Eastern Townships and Vermont. He also was elected as a Member of Parliament as a Liberal from 1917 to 1930, when he retired from politics. W. K. Baldwin married Lill Mead Ferrin (1859-1935), of Holland, Vermont, 17 March 1881. They had two children: Harold Ferrin and Mead Haskell. W. K. Baldwin was murdered at his general store by Kenneth Brown, on 18 April 1935. He is buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Baldwin's Mills.

Baldwin, John Percival, 1822-1892

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John Percival Baldwin was born 28 October 1822 in Barnston, Quebec. He was the son of Levi Baldwin and Abigail Mills. John moved from Barnston to a spot on Lake Lyster where he established a grist mill, the location that would eventually become Baldwin's Mills. In 1847, John married Mary Jeanette (or Jenett) Baker and they had four children together: John Edson, Eugene Arthur, Leslie Percival and Willis Keith. John Percival Baldwin died 8 August 1892 in Baldwin's Mills.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Maxwell Rebekah Lodge, No. 17 (Bishopton, Que.)

The Maxwell Rebekah Lodge No. 17 was instituted the 24 May 1907 in Bishopton, Quebec. Like other Rebekah Lodges, it was founded on the principles of 'Friendship, Love and Trust'. The Rebekahs of Bishopton raise money for expenses and other projects through yearly dues and fundraising activities. The Rebekah Lodges, while affiliated with the Odd Fellows, were designed especially for women, with the author of the Rebekah Ritual being American statesman Schuyler Colfax. The Sovereign Grand Lodge has jurisdiction over the entire fraternity. Within Quebec, all Rebekah Lodges are under the jurisdiction of the Rebekah Assembly of Quebec, which is divided in five Districts consisting of various number of lodges. Locally, the Lodge is under the leadership of a Noble Grand. Under the by-laws of the organization, the Rebekahs meet twice a month.

Baker, Frederick Stevens, 1848-1916

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Born in 1848 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker, Frederick Stevens Baker was the eldest living brother of Malcolm Clapp Baker. By 1880, Frederick was residing in Johnson Creek, Saline, Nebraska. He was a lumber merchant at the time, married, and the head of his own household. Frederick Stevens Baker died in 1916.

Stevens, Rev. Albert

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Reverend Albert Stevens was the brother-in-law of Malcolm Clapp Baker. He married Malcolm's sister, Amelia Baker. Together, the couple had five children: Grace, Emma Lou, Bert, Cecil, and Arthur. Reverend Albert Stevens appears in the 1881 Canadian Census for Stanstead, Quebec. He was already married to Malcolm's sister by that time and was serving his community as an Anglican clergyman.

Stevens, Mary Peckham Baker, 1854-1928

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Born in 1854, Mary Peckham Stevens was the sister of Malcolm Clapp Baker. She eventually married Walter Sanford Stevens. Mary died in 1928.

Baker, William Stevens, 1818-1905

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Born in 1818 in Dunham, Quebec, William Stevens Baker was the father of Malcolm Clapp Baker. He married Harriet Eliza Clapp in 1845 in Woodstock, Vermont. Together, the couple had eight children (listed in chronological order): Alfred Stewart Baker, Frederick Stevens Baker, Amelia Baker Stevens, Malcolm Clapp Baker, Mary Peckham Stevens, Emma Louise Baker, Harriet Baker, and Abigail Baker. William died in 1905 in his hometown of Dunham.

Baker, Hattie, 1859-1943

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Born in 1859 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker, Harriet Baker was the sister of Malcolm Clapp Baker. Harriet appears in the 1881 Canadian Census for Missisquoi County, Quebec. At the time she was about 21 years old and residing in the household of her father, William Baker.

In the 1911 Canadian Census, a "Hariett Baker" is listed as residing in Missisiquoi County in the subdistrict of Dunham, Quebec. This is, in all likelihood, Malcolm's sister. Harriet was, at the time, listed as being single, her position in the household in which she resided was that of "daughter", and her birth date of May 1859 was also indicated.

The most prolific correspondent in this fond, Harriet died in 1943.

Baker, Harriet Eliza Clapp, 1822-1911?

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Born in 1822 in Shelburne, Vermont, Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker was the mother of Malcolm Clapp Baker. she married William Stevens Baker in Woodstock, Vermont in 1845. Together the couple had eight children: Alfred Stewart Baker, Frederick Stevens Baker, Amelia Baker Stevens, Malcolm Clapp Baker, Mary Peckham Stevens, Emma Louise Baker, Harriet Baker, and Abigail Baker. Her first son, Alfred Stewart Baker, died only a year after his birth.

A "Harriet E.J. Baker" appears in the 1911 Census for Missisquoi County. Her age, 89 years, matches what Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker's age would have been at that time. Her birth date, October 1822, is also in agreement with the information contained in the "Family Background" file of this fond. The Harriet appearing in the census was listed as head of the household and was widowed. If this Harriet is indeed Malcolm Clapp Baker's mother, she would have died sometime shortly after the census was taken in 1911.

Baker, Emma, 1857?-1944

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Born in 1857 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker, Emma Louise Baker was the sister of Malcolm Clapp Baker. Emma makers her first appearance in official government documents in the year 1880. She is listed in the 1880 U.S. Census of Johnson Creek, Saline, Nebraska. She was twenty-three at the time, single, and living in the household of her brother, Frederick Stevens Baker.

Emma Louise Baker also appears in the 1911 Canadian Census for Missisquoi County in the subdistrict of Dunham. The document records her birth date as being February 1857. Emma self-reports her age as being approximately 54 years. Ms. Baker is identified as being single and her status in the household is that of "daughter". She died in 1944.

Stevens, Minnie Baker, 1851-1911

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Born in 1851 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker, Ameila (Minnie) Baker Stevens was the eldest sister of Malcolm Clapp Baker. She eventually married Reverend Albert Stevens. The couple had five children: Grace, Emma Lou, Bert, Cecil, and Arthur. Amelia appears in the 1881 Canadian Census for Stanstead, Quebec. She was in her late twenties at the time that the Census was taken and was already married to Reverend Stevens. Amelia died in 1911.

Baker, Abigail, 1861-1883

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Born in 1861 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker, Abigail Baker was the youngest sister of Malcolm Clapp Baker. She appears in the 1881 Census for Missisquoi County, Quebec. In 1881, Abigail was just 20 years old and was a member fo the Church of England. Her father, still alive at the time, was the head of household. Abigail died in 1883. The cause of her untimely death is unknown.

Loyal Orange Lodge (Sherbrooke, Que.)

The Orange Order was establishied in Canada in 1830. Earlier members were mostly Irish, but later English and Scottish. It was founded in Canada for Protestants and to safeguard the English language in the country. The order was also established to help the community by organizing benevolent activities.

Echenberg, Eddy, 1925-2014

Edwin "Eddy" Echenberg was born in Shebrooke the 14 August 1925 to Jacob Echenberg and Sophy Shriar/Shrier. During his lifetime, he was a retail store owner, insurance salesman and avid collector. In 1950 he married Isabelle Boy, with whom he had one daughter, Cathy. He was the owner of his father's store, "Jack Echenberg and Sons" on Wellington Street in Sherbrooke where he worked from 1950 to 1967. After the store closed in 1967, he pursued a career with the Sun Life Insurance Co.

Mr. Echenberg's passion for collecting began in the early 1950s with a small set of coins and a few bank notes from the Eastern Township Bank. A decade later he sold his coin and bank note collection for $15,000, and a part of the collection found its way to the Bank of Canada Museum. His passion for collecting was rekindled in 1963 during a visit with his wife to Chicoutimi where he discovered antiques and antique shops. Two people who profoundly influenced his life were Father Léon Marcotte, archivist at the Sherbrooke Seminary Museum, and J. Douglas Ferguson of Stanstead, former president of the Canadian Manufacturing Association and an avid numismatist. In 2002, Mr. Echenberg donated a large part of his collection to the McCord Museum.

Mr. Echenberg died the 13 October 2014 and his wife, Isabelle, died the 14 August 2015. Both are buried at the Riverview Cemetery in Scotstown.

Hackett, Linda Harding, 1884-1965

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Linda Harding Hackett was born 14 January 1884, in Derby Line, Vermont, daughter of Dudley William Davis and Annie Kidder Harding Davis. She received her Bachelors of Arts from Boston University. She studied the Eastern Townships and in 1941 compiled the book Eleanzer Fitch: The First Leader of Stanstead Township. Linda passed away 18 July 1965.

Hackett, John Thomas, 1884-1956

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John Thomas Hackett B.L., B.C.L. is the son of Michael Felix Hackett and Florence Alberta Knight. He was born in Stanstead, Quebec on 12 June 1884. He was educated at St. Charles Seminary, Loyola College, Laval, and a graduate of McGill’s Law school. It was there that J.T. Hackett founded the student council of McGill (1909). He was a resident of both Montreal and Stanstead, Quebec. He was married to Linda Harding (1884-1965) in 1912 and they had Florence Knight (1913), Ann Kidder (1914-1931), Linda Mary (1916-1917), Guy Harding (1918-1951), Julia Alice (b. 1919), John David (1920-1980), Ruth Rose (1922-1928), and Mary Cora (b. 1924). Hackett’s occupation as Lawyer was followed by terms as a Federal Conservative M.P. (1930-1935, 1945-1949) and Senator (1955-1956). In his lifetime he participated on the board of governor’s for McGill University, Executive Board of The Charity Organization Society, Catholic Social Service Guild, and Loyal Convalescent Home. He was also President of Jr. Bar Assiciation (1919), Batonnier of the Bar Association of Montreal (1945-1946) and Canadian Bar Association (1947). John Thomas like his father was involved in the military as a Lieutenant of 55th Regiment, Irish Canadian Rangers. He was also the president of the Stanstead County Historical Society (1936-1956). He passed away 15 September 1956 and is buried in the Mont Ste. Marie Cemetery in Stanstead.

Hackett, Michael Felix, 1851-1926

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Michael Felix Hackett B.C.L. was born into a Irish Catholic home on 23 August 1851. His parents were Patrick Hackett ([18-?]-1869) of Ireland and Mary Griffin ([18-?]-) of Granby, Quebec. His father was the first Mayor of Granby, Quebec who died when a bridge collapsed in April of 1869. Michael Felix Hackett studied locally at the Granby Academy College, as well as at the College of Sainte-Marie de Monnoir, and College of Saint-Hyacinthe. He studied law at McGill University and on June 17th, 1874 he was admitted to the Quebec provincial Bar. M.F. Hackett was married in 1883 to Florence Alberta Knight ([1859]-1913) daughter of Albert Knight M.P. (1817-1887) and Julia Ann Rose (1817-1894). They had a family of five: Sybil Rose (1886-1954), Florence Julia (1891-1912), Mary Griffin (1896-1980), John Thomas (1884-1956) and Felix Winfield (1890-). M.F. Hackett practiced law in the Stanstead community, was the Mayor of Stanstead Plain (1890-1904) and Prefect of the County (1891-1897). He was a Judge of the Superior court of Quebec and politician, participating in the Quebec Legislature elected in 1892. He assumed the position of Provincial Secretary until retirement. He also ran for the federal legislature (1900 and 1904), but was not elected. He was Director and Vice president of Stanstead and Sherbrooke Mutual Fire Insurance (1835-[19-?]). In addition to this, M.F. Hackett was the President of the Stanstead County Farmers’ Institute, the Saint-Joseph Society, Eastern Township’s Liberal-Conservative Party (Quebec) and the School Board Trustees. He also was a member of the Board of Examiners for School Teachers of Eastern Townships, Milita Captain, Batonnier of the Saint-Francois Bar (1892-93) and (1900-1901), and Grand President of the Catholic Mutal Benefit Association of Canada (1895-1916). M.F. Hackett passed away 12 April 1926 in Cowansville, Quebec. He is buried at the Mont Ste. Marie Cemetery in Stanstead.

Comité de bassin Massawippi-Tomifobia (Ayer's Cliff, Que.)

The Comité de bassin Massawippi-Tomifobia (CBMT) was organized in 1998 by the Massawippi Water Protection Inc. and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2002. It was established because the members of the Massawippi Water Protection Inc. felt that Lake Massawippi's water problems neccessitated corrective measures far upstream from the lake, which came to empass the entire watershed. Although formed by the Massawippi Water Protection Inc., the CBMT is an independent organisation directed by 15 members, 10 of whom are delegates from various agricultural, forestry, municipal, and commercial groups. The CBMT's mission has been outlined to sensitize people to the importance of the watershed as well as to their interventions to improve water quality and the environment by working with citizens, users of the area, municipalities, the MRCs, federal and provincial ministries and other organizations. Some of the activities that have been realised during their existence are the removal of logjams on the bed and along the shores of the Tomifobia river and the planting of shrubs and trees along the shorelines of the Tomifobia and Niger rivers. Their activities are funded, for a significant part, by donations and government grants.

The CBMT was officially dissolved on 6 May 2005.

Townshippers' Research and Cultural Foundation (Lennoxville, Que.)

The Townshippers' Research and Cultural Foundation established in 1987 and located in Lennoxville, is a non-profit charitable organization that has enhanced the well-being of the Eastern Townships English-speaking community by donating to community organizations and projects. Its motto is "Townshipper's helping Townshippers: Generation to Generation". It is the aim of the Foundation to raise money to fund community projects in the fields of health and social services, arts and heritage, youth, education and research. Each fall, the Foundation holds a fund-raising campaign, and the following winter grants are distributed to support projects. The Foundation is committed to the challenge of raising sufficent funds, so that every worthwhile application may receive a positive response to its request for support.

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