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Compton, County of

Club de Patinage Artistique (East Angus, Que.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1973-

In 1973, soon after the inauguration of the Robert Fournier arena, the Club de Patinage Artistique d'East Angus (Les Lames Magiques) was founded in East Angus by Denis Martin, the East Angus recreation director, alongside Mrs. Isabelle Dugal and Mrs. Micheline Bouchard. The club operates out of the Robert Fournier Arena and is a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach the basics of skating to anyone at any age. The club was first sponsored by the Filles d'Isabelle and was first chaired by Micheline Bouchard. During the first couple of years, skating lessons were given by Madame Fernande Fraser, a professional and ex-skater from the Holiday on Ice troupe. The leadership of its first administrators (Isabelle Dugal, Madelaine Cathcart, Shirley Hawkes, Lucette Dion, Denise Roy, Jean-Paul Dionne, Jacqueline Munkittrick, Madeleine Legault, Laurence Trépanier and Nicole Bergeron) and the work of volunteers allowed the club to progress. On November 13, 1975, the club joined the East-Angus Sports and Recreation Coordinating Committee, and on March 28, 1977, the club obtained its charter of incorporation. From then on, the club was affiliated with the Regional Association, the Quebec Figure Skating Federation, and eventually became a member of the Canadian Figure Skating Association, now known as Skate Canada. The club offers many different programs such as Patinage Plus, Patinage STAR, Patinage Adulte, and many more, which allow for the development of figure skating in the region. Every year, the club organizes various regional competitions such as the Suzanne Cathcart competitions and the Programme Court competitions, and at the end of each season, the skaters put on a show suitable for any age.

Heard, Capt. Edmund VI

  • Person
  • 1768-1830

Capt. Edmund VI Heard was born 16 February 1768, Worcester, Massachusetts Bay Colony, to parents Col. Edmund V Heard (1743-1814) and Sarah Willington (1743-1770). He was the oldest of two siblings, Sarah (1766-1849), and Luke VI (1770-1831) and two half-siblings, Samuel VI (1773-1815) and Hannah (1775-1831). As an adult, Edmund VI Heard signed up for the Worcester County Militia, and served under Capt. Ezra Sawyer. In 1792, Edmund VI Heard married Lucy Bennet (1774-1845). The couple had nine children, Edmund VIII (1795-1852), John Bennett VII (1797-1848), Lucy (1801-1873), Luke VII (1801-1873), Sarah (1803-1865), Tyler Wellington (1806-1877), Betsey Eaton (1810-1828), Leander Curtis (1813-1814), and Samuel Andrews VII (1815-1877). The family went on to settle in Newport Township, after Edmund VI’s father was able to secure a land grant for him in 1803. Just like his father, Edmund VI Heard, was instrumental to the establishment of Newport Township. He died 1830 and is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Compton Quebec.

Heard, Lucy Bennett

  • Person
  • 1774-1845

Lucy Bennett Heard was born 5 January 1774 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1792, she married Edmund Heard VI (1768-1830). The couple had nine children Edmund VII (1795-1852), John Bennett VII (1797-1848), Lucy (1801-1873), Luke VII (1801-1873), Sarah (1803-1865,) Tyler Wellington (1806-1877), Betsey Eaton (1810-1828), Leander Curtis (1813-1814), and Samuel Andrews VII (1815-1877). In 1803, the family, including a pregnant Lucy, traveled to Newport Township to join Edmund VI Heard’s father, brother, and sister, who had moved to the area in order to escape the persecution they faced as Loyalists. It is recorded that Lucy Bennett was an ardent gardener, which was used to supplement her family's diet. She died in 1845 and is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Compton, Quebec.

Heard, Capt. Samuel VI

  • Person
  • 1773-1815

Capt. Samuel VI Heard was born 1773 in Massachusetts Bay Colony to parents Edmund V Heard (1743-1814) and Elizabeth Andrews. He had three half-siblings from his father’s previous marriage, Capt. Edmund Heard (1768-1830), Sarah Heard (1766-1849), and Luke VI Heard (1770-1831), and one full sister, Hannah Heard (1775-1831). Samuel VI moved to Newport with his father and sister, Hannah, in part to escape the persecution faced by Loyalists after the American War of Independence. Samuel VII Heard briefly returned to the United States to marry Miriam Gibbs. The couple had five children, Henry Herschel (1799-1860), Elizabeth Andrew (1803-1844), Samuel VII (1805-1887), Robert Power (1807-1860), and Miriam Gibbs (1815-1891). In Newport, Samuel VI Heard was an active member of the community, he was the captain of the Newport Militia, and regularly attended town meetings. He died in 1815 in Brompton Falls after his boat capsized, and is buried in Eaton Cemetery, Eaton, Quebec.

Heard, Capt. Edmund VII

  • Person
  • 1795-1852

Capt. Edmund VII Heard was born in 1795 in Lancaster, Massachusetts Bay Colony to parents Edmund VI Heard (1768-1830) and Lucy Bennett (1774-1845). He was the eldest of nine siblings, John Bennett VII (1797-1848), Lucy (1801-1873), Luke VII (1801-1873), Sarah (1803-1865), Tyler Wellington (1806-1877), Betsey Eaton (1810-1828), Leander Curtis (1813-1814), and Samuel Andrews VII (1815-1877). Edmund VII Heard was only eight years old when the family moved to Newport to escape the persecution faced by Loyalists in the aftermath of the American Revolution. In 1818, Edmund VII Heard married Mary Willard. The couple had three children, Mary Maria (1819-1898), Lucy Minerva (1824-1897), and Matilda Rosetta (1827-1870). Unfortunately, Mary Willard passed away in 1828. In 1831, Edmund VII Heard and Abigail Haskell (1797-1880) got married. Two more children resulted from this marriage, Edmund VIII Haskell (1836-1923), and Abigail Susanna. As an adult, Edmund VII Heard joined the militia and quickly was promoted from Ensign to Captain in 1831. During his military career he was involved in the suppression of the 1837 Lower Canada Rebellion. Edmund VII Heard also served as a grand juror for the Court of General Quarter Session of the Peace in 1824. Edmund VII Heard died in 1852 and is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery Compton, Quebec.

Heard, Samuel Andrews VII

  • Person
  • 1815-1877

Samuel Andrews VII Heard was born 12 Nov, 1815 in Newport, Lower Canada to parents Edmund Heard VI (1768-1830) and Lucy Bennett (1774-1845). He was the youngest of eight siblings, Edmund VII (1795-1852), John Bennett Heard VII (1797-1848), Lucy (1801-1873), Luke VII (1801-1873), Sarah (1803-1865), Tyler Wellington (1806-1877), Betsey Eaton (1810-1828), Leander Curtis (1813-1814).In his teens, Samuel Andrews VII moved to Stanstead to pursue a further education, where he met Catherine Nash Hubbard. In 1838, the couple married and went on to have five children, Edward Payson Heard (1838-1899), Ellen Corilla (1840-1918), Lucy Jane (1844-1871), Laura Ann (1850-?), and Samuel Augustine VIII (1850-1910). The family went on to settle in Eaton, where Samuel Andrews VII Heard became the chairman of the school committee for Eaton Township and an elder at the Congregational Church in Eaton. Additionally, he opened a successful general store. Samuel Andrews VII was instrumental in the funding of a school in the Town of Maple Leaf. Samuel Andrews VII Heard died in 1877 in Sherbrooke, he is buried in the Eaton Cemetery, in Eaton, Quebec.

Heard, Luke VII Heard

  • Person
  • 1801-1873

Luke VII Heard was born 1801 in Lancaster, New England Colonies to parents Edmund Heard VI (1768-1830) and Lucy Bennett (1774-1845). He was the last child of Lucy Bennett to be born in the United States. He had nine siblings, Edmund VII (1795-1852), John Bennett VII (1797-1848), Lucy (1801-1873), Sarah (1803-1865), Tyler Wellington (1806-1877), Betsey Eaton (1810-1828), Leander Curtis (1813-1814), and Samuel Andrews VII (1815-1877). As a youth, Luke VII worked at a mill in Stanstead where he met Persis Hubbard (?-1887). The couple went on to marry and have five children, Lucy Gibson (1830- 1875), Achsah Hubbard (1834- 1897), Samuel IX Newell (1837-1906), George IV Gibson (1838-1907), Julia A. (1844-1864). The family settled on and farmed the land adjoining to his grandfather, Edmund V Heard’s, original plot. Just like his brother, Samuel Andrews VII, Luke VII was an advocate for education, as shown by his service on the first school committee for the combined townships of Newport, Eaton, Ditton, and Clifton. Luke VII Heard died on 18 November, 1873, and is buried at Maple Leaf Cemetery, Compton.

Hurd, Samuel Augustine, KC

  • Person
  • 1850-1910

Samuel Augustine Hurd, KC was born in 1850 in Newport Township to parents Samuel Andrews VII Heard (1815-1877) and Catherine Nash Hubbard (1816-1885). He was the youngest of five siblings, Edward Payson Heard (1838-1899), Ellen Corilla Heard (1840-1918), Lucy Jane Heard (1844-1871), and Laura Ann (1848-?). Many of the details of the life of Samuel Augustine Hurd have become lost to history, partially due to Samuel appears to have begun to go by his middle name, Augustine. Augustine Samuel Hurd became a lawyer and opened a practice, Hurd and Fraser, which was located on Rue Wellington Sud, Sherbrooke. He also became a member of the King’s Council. Augustine Samuel married Laura A. (maiden name unknown) (1847-1900) and they might have one daughter, Kathleen Brooks Hurd (1885-1906). Augustine Samuel Heard, KC died on 2 December, 1910, and is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Hurd, Abigail Haskell

  • Person
  • 1797-1880

Abigail Haskell Hurd was born in 1797 in Sawyerville, Que to unknown parents. In 1837, she and Edmund VII Heard got married after the death of Edmund’s first wife. On top of the three children Edmund VII had from his previous marriage, Mary Maria Heard (1819-1898,) Lucy Minerva Heard (1824-1897,) Matilda Rosetta Heard (1827-1870), the couple had two children Edmund VIII Haskell (1836-1923), and Abigail Susanna (1839-1910). Abigail Haskell Hurd died in 1880, and is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Compton, Quebec.

Hurd, Augustus VII

  • Person
  • 1821-1905

Augustus VII Hurd was born in 1821 to parents Polly Sawyer (1804-1879) and John Bennett VII Heard (1797-1849) in Newport Township. He was the oldest of five siblings that made it to adulthood, Catherine Jennete (1825-1899), Gratia (1829-1874), Bartlett (1831-1852), Cyrus Alexander (1842-1919), and Mariad (1843-1914). In 1842, Augustus VII and Eliza Ann Planche (1821-1905) got married. The couple went on to have six children, John Bennett IX (1850–1907), Ella Jane (1853–1926), Edith A (1857–1920), Ellen M. (1861–1953), Eliza Mary (1863–1953), Augustus Frederick IX (1866–1956). The family lived and worked on the plot of land that had initially belonged to his grandfather, Capt. Edmund VI Heard. In addition to being a farmer, Augustus VII was a businessman, he bought and sold land, invested in road building. and operated a lumber business. Notably, it is also believed that Augustus VII and his wife were the first in the community of Maple Leaf to own a clock. Augustus VII Hurd died in 1905 and is buried at the Maple Leaf Cemetery, Compton, Quebec.

Hurd, Edmund VIII Haskell

  • Person
  • 1836-1923

Edmund VIII Haskell Hurd born in 1836 to parents Abigail Haskell and Edmund VII in Newport Township. He had one sibling, Abigail Susanna (1839-1910), and three siblings, Mary Maria (1819-1898), Lucy Minerva (1824-1897), Matilda Rosetta (1827-1870). In 1842, Edmund Haskell VIII and Eliza McCurdy (1842-1888) got married. The couple went on to have four children, Laura Abigail Hurd (1865-1942), Mary Maria Hurd (1870-1938), Sarah Eliza Hurd (1875-1960), Jesse Minerva Hurd (1878-1957). The family cultivated a farm with a herd of sheep and Ayrshire cattle. Edmund Haskell VIII developed a love of woodworking throughout his life, he had a large woodshop built on his farm, and regularly made his own farming equipment and furniture. Edmund Haskell VIII’s neighbors would also often call upon him to fix broken tools and equipment. After the death of Eliza McCurdy of tuberculosis in 1888, Edmund Haskell VIII got married a second time to Arlene Whitcomb Stevenson (1842-1907) in 1892. He died in 1923 and is buried in the Maple Leaf Cemetery, Compton, Quebec.