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Kelley, Frederick George Scott

  • Person
  • d.2008

Frederick George Scott Kelley received a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1948. In addition to studying chemistry and physics at Bishop's, he participated in football, basketball, track, and dramatics. Fred recollected that life at Bishop's was a very happy life - one big family with most of the students living on campus. He continued his association with Bishop's, becoming active in the Alumni Association after the war. In 1969 he was awarded the "Alumnus of the Year" award. Since graduation he had been working in the chemical business. Frederick George Scott Kelley '48, Canon Brian Scott Kelley, '49, and Helen Kelley Morrison '43 are all Bishop's graduates, great-grandchildren of Canon Frederick George Scott (Bishop's 1881), the poet and padre of World War I, the founder of the Scott and Kelley dynasty at Bishop's University. Fred Kelly died on March 27, 2008.

Paulette, Robert E., M.D. (1930-2020)

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  • Person
  • 1930-1920

Dr. Robert Paulette was born in Sherbrooke in 1930. He graduated from Sherbrooke High School and was awarded a McConnell Scholarship to study at McGill, where he obtained and B.Sc. degree and an M.D. He then proceeded to United States after a year's internship in Montréal to pursue postgraduate studies in general and thoracic surgery. In New York he studied at the NYU Bellevue Medical Center as well as at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre. In 1961, he joined the staff at Sherbrooke Hospital, where he became Chief of Surgery.
Dr. Paulette's interest in photography goes back as far as his teenage years, when he was given the gift of a camera from a soldier after World War II.

He died on March 21, 2020 after a short battle with cancer in Calgary, Alberta.

Roy, Ernest Raymond

  • Person
  • d.1964

Ernest Raymond Roy received his elementary education in Sabrevois, Quebec before attending a French-speaking boarding school operated under the auspices of the Congregational Church in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec before entering Bishop's University, from which he received three degrees: B.A. 1899, L.S.T. 1901, M.A. 1904. In addition to being a Bishop's graduate, he also married a Bishop's Graduate, Mable Marion Mitchell who was born on the Johnville Road, three miles from the University. They were married in St. George's Church in Lennoxville in 1917. During his ministry he served on three different occasions in the Eastern Townships: 1902-1904 East Angus & Marbleton; 1913-1917 Cookshire; 1937-1946 Waterville, North Hatley and Eustis. In 1952 he moved to Vancouver, BC and died there on February 23, 1964, interment in Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Stuart Lawrence Hodge

  • Person

Stuart Lawrence Hodge was born in Stanbridge East and received a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1927

Hodge, Stuart Lawrence

  • Person

Stuart Lawrence Hodge was from Thetford Mines and received a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1927

Smith, Kenneth W.

  • Person

Kenneth W. Smith was from Asbestos, Quebec and he graduated from Bishop's University with a B.A. in 1935.

Rider, Lillian Madelyn

  • Person
  • 1939-2018

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, on August 31st, 1939, her affinity with the Eastern Townships brought her to Bishop's ­University in 1956, graduating in 1959 with her BA. Back to get her High School Teaching ­Certificate in 1960, a lifelong athlete, Lu participated in various sports and a number of University Clubs and became a loyal and dedicated fan of the Bishop's Gaiters. In 1967 Lu decided on another path, enrolling in the McGill University Graduate School of Library Sciences and earned an MLS in 1969. For the next 26 years, she was a ­Reference Librarian at the McLennan Reference Library at McGill, active in the AMUL and served as its President. In 1995 she retired to Lennoxville in the Eastern Townships, and in 1997 embarked on "her third career" volunteering as Archivist and past President of the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical & Museum Society at "Uplands", the Georgian-style mansion that houses the museum and archives. Known as "Lu" to family and friends, she was pre-deceased by her parents Hamilton Milford and Margaret (nee Fuller) and siblings Frederick Fuller (Jill), Martha Russell Chamberlain (Ken d.) and John Hamilton Fuller (Sandra).

Mills, Raymond James

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Ryamond James Mills was from East Angus, Quebec. He attended Bishop's University briefly between 1904 and 1906.

Fisher, Sir George Buteel (1764-1834)

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  • 1764-1834

George Balteel Fisher was born in England in 1764. He was in the British army beginning in 1782. In 1791-92 he visited Canada, where he painted the View of the River St. Lawrence, and other Canadian scenes. John William Edy (1760-1820), an English painter and engraver, etched six of these Canadian scenes in aquatint. Fisher died in 1834 in Woolwich (London).

Montizambert, Charles Nathaniel

  • Person
  • 1810-1885

Charles Nathaniel Montizambert was born on October 26, 1810 to Louis Niverville Montizambert and Sarah Montizambert. He had 2 brothers: George Sheaffe Montizambert and one other sibling. Charles married Hellen Elizabeth Tarrot Montizambert in 1843. They had 7 children: James Ramsay Montizambert, George Louis Montizambert and 5 other children.
Charles passed away on April 1, 1885, at age 74 and is buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery Sillery, Quebec. His son Ramsay was the first of 4 generations in our family who attended Bishop's College. Ramsay Montizambert graduated in 1875, and received an M.A. also from Bishop's in 1878.

Chisholm, Leslie Porteous

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Leslie Porteous received a B.A. (Honours Psychology) from Bishop’s University in 1966. She earned a M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology) from the University of Toronto in 1988. In 1997 Leslie Chisholm became registered as a Psychological Associate with The College of Psychologists of Ontario. Her career as a psychoeducational consultant was spent at the North York Board of Education, which later became part of the Toronto District School Board.

Derick, Annie Julia (1886-1974)

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  • 1886-1974

Annie Julia Derick was born on 21 January 1886 in Clarenceville to Asahel H. Derick and Charlotte M. Smith. She married Alex Mason in New Brunswick, where she lived for the rest of her life until her death on 1 October 1974.

Derick, Asahel Hawley (1838-1915)

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  • 1838-1915

Asahel Hawley Derick was born on 11 November 1838 in Noyan, Quebec to William Derick II and Electa P. Hawley. His first marriage was to Henrietta Martha Curtis (1838-1882) on 4 October 1870. Together they had three children: Harriett Anna (b. 1872), Frank Tuttle (b. 1874), and Minnie Henrietta (1877). Following the death of Henrietta, Asahel married Charlotte M. Smith on 28 October 1884. Together they had three children: Annie Julia (b. 1886), Kenneth Freligh (1887-1887), and Kenneth Asahel (b. 1889). Asahel was a postmaster in Clarenceville, as well as a store-keeper, a Justice of the Peace, and served as president for the Richelieu Bridge Company. He died 2 October 1915 in Clarenceville.

Derick, John (1810-1855)

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  • 1810-1855

John Derick (sometimes appears as John Derick 2nd) was born in Christie’s Manor (Quebec) on 29 July 1810 to Conrade/Conrad Derick and Katharina (a.k.a. Catherine and Caty) Kohlhammer. He married first Ophelia Edy (d. 1846) in Caldwell’s Manor in September 1837 and together they had the following children: Mary Derick (b. ca. 1838), Newbury Edy Derick (1840-1920), and Ann Ophelia Derick (1846-1846). He married second Sarah Ann Bush, widow of Ira Row, in February 1847 in Clarenceville. Together they had the following children: Calvin G. Derick (1849-1849), Matilda L. Derick (b. 1850). John Derick was a farmer in St. Thomas and served as the Pay Master Sergeant for the 2nd Rouville Battalion Militia. He died the 28 March 1855 and is buried in Noyan.

Derick, Conrade (1774-1842)

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  • 1774-1842

Conrade/Conrad Derick was born on 6 August 1774 in Brunswick Center, New York to Philip Derick and Maria Brust. He married Katharina (a.k.a. Catherine and Caty) Kohlhammer on 12 July 1796 in Brunswick Center, New York. Together they had ten children: Hannah (b. 1797), Maria (b. 1880), Lany (b. 1802), Catharine (b. 1804), Dianney (b. 1806), Philip Calvin (b. 1808), John (b. 1810), Pamelia (b. 1812), b. Magdalena (b. 1816), and Sarah (b. 1821). Conrad operated the farm originally owned by his father, as well as serving as a Justice of the Peace and a Commissioner of the Court of the King’s Bench. He was the first treasurer and warden for Christ Church at Caldwell’s Manor, a major in the militia, and a vice-president of the Missisquoi County Agricultural Society. Conrad died on 19 June 1842 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Philip (1749-1825)

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  • 1749-1825

Philip Derick was born in Seeg (Leey), High Germany (present-day Austria) in 1749 to Coonradt and Elisabeth Derck. He immigrated to the United States with his family. He served with Captain Hendrick Reuter (a.k.a. Henry Ruiter) during the American War of Independence and was stationed in St. John’s, Quebec. In 1784, he received a Loyalist compensation for losses incurred during the war, permitting him to settle in Caldwell’s Manor, the Seigneury of Foucault. This not being a land grant, Philip and his successors were obliged to pay seigneurial rent for many years. He married Maria Brust (a.k.a. Mary Broost) in Brunswick Centre, New York in 1773. Together they had eleven children: Condrade (b. 1774), Philip II or Jr. (b. 1776), Catharina (b. 1777), Anna/Hannah (b. 1780?), Elizabeth (b. 1782), Jacob (b. 1784), Frederick (b. 1787), John Philip (b. 1789), Anthony (b. 1792), Maria, and William (b. 1795). Philip died on 3 August 1825 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, William (1795-1886)

  • Person
  • 1795-1886

William Derick was born on 1 January 1795 in Noyan, Quebec to Philip Derick and Maria/Mary Brust. He married Malinda Hulburt (a.k.a. Holbert/Hallibert). Together they six children: Elizabeth (b. 1815), Alonzo Merritt (b. 1817), Mary Melissa (b. 1819), Adeline (b. 1821), William Jr. (b. 1823), and George Holt (b. 1829). William served as a corporal in the 1st Company of the Frontier Light Infantry in the War of 1812 and was a prisoner war. He died in Clarenceville, Quebec on 30 July 1886.

Derick, Robert (1821-1860)

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  • 1821-1860

Robert Derick was born 2 June 1821 in Lacolle, Quebec to John William (a.k.a. Johannes) Derick and Sarah Lea. He married Anna Elizabeth Wagar on 14 October 1845 at Troy, Vermont. Together they had four children: Georgianna (1848-1872), Franklyn Morrison (b. 1851), Edward Cusack (b. 1854), and Willard Wallace (b. 1857). Robert purchased the “old Derick Tavern” from his brother, Reuben in 1857, which he operated until his death on 29 November 1860 in Noyan, Quebec. Following Robert’s death, his wife, Anna, continued to operate the tavern and inn.

Derick, Ray L. (1889-1975)

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  • 1889-1975

Ray Leon Derick was born on 31 May 1889 in Noyan, Quebec to Morris C. Derick and Lizzie Beerwort. He worked for Canada Customs for over 40 years at Noyan Junction, Cantic, and Lacolle. He also served as a warden at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Lacolle. Ray married Grace A. Naylor on 8 August 1913. Together they had Herbert Ray (b. 1916), Robert Morris (b. 1919), Gerald Vaughan (b.1921), Elizabeth Alice (b. 1924), and Donald James (b. 1926). Ray died on 27 April 1975 in Iberville, Quebec.

Derick, Heinrich (1784-1876)

  • Person
  • 1784-1876

Heinrich (a.k.a. Henry or Hank) Derick was born 19 June 1784 in Brunswick Center, New York to William/Wilhelm Derick and Margaretha van der Werken. He immigrated to Christie’s Manor (Noyan Township) in Canada with his parents in the 1790s. Henry married Mary Ann Young/Jung on 12 October 1806. Together they had eleven children: Barbara (1807-1850), Deborah (1809-1814), Mary (b. 1810?), Louisa (1811-1814), George (1813-1814), Sarah (1814-1885), Delia (1817-1887), David Frederick (b. 1819), Philip (b. 1821), Melissa (b. 1824), and Ira (b. 1827). Henry died on 10 May 1876.

Derick, Mabel Evelyn (1886-1923)

  • Person
  • 1886-1923

Mabel Evelyn Derick was born on 10 April to 1886 in Noyan, Quebec to Morris C. Derick and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Beerwort. She studied typing and shorthand in Brookline, Massachusetts, living with her uncle and aunt, Myron and Gertrude Derick during that time. Mabel married Harry Bangs in Boston, Massachusetts. She died in 1923 and is buried in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Jabob (1784-1875)

  • Person
  • 1784-1875

Jacob Derick was born on 2 August 1784 in Noyan, Quebec, the son of Philip Derick and Maria Brust. He was a farmer. Jacob married Candace Patterson (born in New York) on 2 May 1816. Together they had eight children: Naaman, John Nelson, Harriett, Emily Emilia, Sarah, Mary Jane, Margaret, and Laura. Jacob died on 18 June 1875 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Newbury Edy (1840-1920)

  • Person
  • 1840-1920

Newbury Edy Derick (Sr.) was born on 11 June 1840 in Noyan, Quebec, the son of John Derick (1810-1855) and Ophelia Edy. He was the last owner in the Derick family of the Philip Derick farm, located on the division between Foucault and Noyan Townships and which was a leading farm at one time. He was married first to Maria Hudson (1835-1899) on 31 December 1861. Together they had four children: Mary Hudson (b. 1863), Emma Ophelia (b. 1865), Newbury Edy (b. 1867), and Nellie Maria (b. 1870). Newbury married second Sarah Force (1848-1905), who had been keeping house for Morris C. Derick for a time following the death of Morris’ wife. He died on 17 February 1920.

Derick, Florence Louise (1867-1967)

  • Person
  • 1867-1967

Florence Louise Derick was born on 11 September 1867 in Noyan, Quebec, the only child of Norman H. Derick (1827-1889) and Mary M. Smith (1828-1887). She married James Alexander Simpson (1847-1945) on 3 March 1895. Together they had five children: Maude L. (b. 1896), Norman M. (1897), Gertrude M. (b. 1900), Mildred S. (b. 1902), and Majorie M. (b. 1904). Florence died 29 May 1967 in Howick, Quebec.

Derick, William II (1805-1890)

  • Person
  • 1805-1890

William Derick II was born on 9 December 1805, the son of Christopher Derick (1782-1871) and Margaret Struthers (1786-1869). He worked as a shoemaker in Noyan. William II married Electa Pamelia Hawley (1813-1895) in 1835 in Clarenceville (Missisquoi County). Together they had six children: Lucy Hurd (b.1836), Isabelle (b. 1837), Ashel Hawley (b. 1838), Thomas Harvard (b. 1841), Christopher William (b. 1845), Anna Eliza (b. 1851). William II died on 7 July 1890 in Lacolle, Quebec.

Derick, Charles (1817-1910)

  • Person
  • 1817-1910

Charles Derick was born on 26 May 1817 in Christie’s Manor (Missisquoi County) to John Philip Derick and Elizabeth Hurlburt. His first marriage was to Melinda H. Eaton (1815-1861) and together they had four children: Melinda (b. 1838), Sidney L. (b. 1847), Elizabeth Judith (1849), and Anna Elizabeth (1852). Following Melinda Eaton’s death in 1862, Charles married Melinda Sarah Smith (1838-1926) in 1862. Together they had three children: Ella Patience (b. 1862), Eunice Maria (b. 1864), and Arlan. During his lifetime, Charles was a farmer in Noyan. He died on 3 November 1910.

Beerwort, Carrie Ella (b. 1870)

  • Person
  • b. 1870

Carrie Ella Beerwort was born on 29 July 1870 in Clarenceville to Harvey H. Beerwort and Hulda M. Terry. She spent time in Burlington, Vermont, working as a nanny.

Beerwort, Ada Mina (1855-1937)

  • Person
  • 1855-1937

Ada Mina Beerwort was born 17 May 1855 in Clarenceville to Harvey H. Beerwort and Hulda M. Terry. She married Nathaniel Miller on 9 February 1876 and together they had six children: Harvey Henry, Lillie May, Myrtle Louise, Ethel Maude, Marshall White, and Gordon Taylor. She died on 6 October 1937 in Brome.

Derick, Carrie Mathilda (1862-1941)

  • Person
  • 1862-1941

Carrie Mathilda Derick was born on 14 January 1862 in Clarenceville to Frederick Uriah Derick and Emma Jane Colton. Carrie began her teaching career modestly, teaching at the Clarenceville Academy at the age of the 15. Following her graduation from the McGill Normal School in 1881, she became principal at the Clarencevill Academy until she returned to McGill to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. Carrie graduated in 1890 with honours in Natural Sciences, followed by the completion of a Master’s degree and became an assistant in the Department of Botany at McGill. In 1897, she was made a lecturer and achieved the title of full professor in 1912, becoming Canada’s first senior professor at a university. Beyond her academic interests, Carrie was passionate about women’s rights and participated in a variety of activities and organizations throughout her lifetime. Carrie died on 10 November 1941.

Derick, Ernest Elisha (b. 1867)

  • Person
  • b. 1867

Ernest Elisha Derick was born on 21 July or June 1867 in Noyan, Quebec, to Philo Derick and Phoebe Adelia Flagg. He married Cora (surname unknown) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together they had five children. He died in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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