Alice Maude Smith Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
S1 Textual records Series [188?-193?]
S2 Photographs Series [187?-193?]
SS1 Photo albums Sub-series [187?-193?]
D1 Scovill-Smith family album photographs File [187?]-1933
P11 Victor Scoville, his wife Floy McDonald, and their daughter Mignon Olive Item n.d.
P14 Alice M. Smith M.D. Item August 1889
P18 Dr. Alice Smith Item n.d.
P24 Thomas W. Ross Item n.d.
P27 Victor Scoville Item n.d.
P32 Ida May Fuller Item n.d.
P33 Mark Scoville w/ trumpet Item n.d.
P39 Alice M. Smith (16yrs old ?) Item 1883 (?)
P40 Harry Smith Item n.d.
P41 Homer E. Smith Item n.d.
P46 Child of Park Davis and Annie May Pettengill Item n.d.
P48 Alice M. Smith and Ellen Parsons (?) Sherman Item 1882 (?)
P51 Dr. Louis A. Shultz Item n.d.
D2 The floral album File [189?-192?]
P02 Farrell Smith Item [190?-19??]
P04 Alice M. Smith, M.D. Item [1896-191?]
P05 Dr. Smith out for a Professional Call Item [1896-191?]
P07 First House and Office of Dr. Smith in Tacoma Item 1898 [?]
P10 Picnic at the home of Alice Maude Smith, m.d. Item [192?]
P13 La Rabida Sanitarium Item n.d.
P14 La Rabida Sanitarium (Court) Item n.d.
P04 Justin Smith, Sutton Item [ca. 1870-1890]
P05 Mildred Smith Item [ ca. 1920-1930]
P06 Alice M. Smith Item 1896
D3 Loose photographs from big black album File [189?-192?]
D3 The big black album File [189?-193?]
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