Alice Maude Smith Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
P28 Mignon Olive Scoville Item n.d.
P35 Alice M. Smith and her mother Judith Scoville Item n.d.
P43 Park Davis Item n.d.
P03 Homer Smith Item [190?-19??]
P06 Jim the Cat Item n.d.
SS2 Loose photographs Sub-series [187?-193?]
P07 Alice M. Smith's garden in Tacoma Item [1923]
P10 Grace Smith Item [1923]
P01 Mary "Polly" (née Barber) Scoville Item [189?]
P08 Abram Howard Smith Item n.d.
P13 Evangeline Hope Ross Item n.d.
P19 Dr. Alice Smith's family portrait Item n.d.
P20 Group of four young women Item 20 August 1889
P25 U.S. Scoville and his second wife Martha Dorsett Item n.d.
P26 Dr. Louis A. Shultz Item n.d.
P30 Mary (Polly) Scoville Item n.d.
P31 Harriet (Smith) Fuller Item n.d.
P38 A. Howard Smith Item n.d.
P44 Annie May Pettengill Item n.d.
P47 Alice M. Smith and Miss Frederick (?) Item 1881 (?)
P08 Postcard-Harry Smith Item 1910-05-27
P09 Judith Scoville Item n.d.
P12 La Rabida Sanitarium Item n.d.
P01 Louis A. Shultz Jr. Item [ca. 1920]
P02 Garden of Dr. Alice Smith Item 1923/05/01
P09 Alice M. Smith's front of house in Tacoma Item [1923]
P12 Eugenia P. Smith Item 1930/05/11
D2 Loose photograph from floral album File [189?-193?]
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