Ascot Corner (Québec)



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Ascot Corner (Québec)

Terme générique Ascot, canton de

Ascot Corner (Québec)

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Ascot Corner (Québec)

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Ascot Corner (Québec)

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A Scene at Grampa Coates

The part is a photograph of a snowy scene of the field surrounding Grampa Coates' home, probably taken sometime between 1910 and 1930. "A scene at grampa Coates" is written at the bottom of the photo.

Photo Scrapbook

The item is a photo scrapbook that contains 230 photographs of individuals within the Labonte/Leonard families. The photos were probably taken between 1910 and 1930.

Desruisseau-Labonte-Leonard family

The file contains photographs of members of the Desruisseau/Labonte/Leonard family, as well as many unidentified photographs, possibly taken between 1870 and 1940. It consists of a photo album comprised of 56 studio photographs, a photo scrapbook comprised of 230 photographs, and 37 other photographs.

Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Designations

The file contains primary source information on the efforts of the Citizens for Nuclear Responsibility (CFNR) to lobby for the designation of nuclear weapons free zones (NWFZs) in Lennoxville and its surrounding areas, from 1985 to 1987. It consists of an agenda for an unspecified meeting; correspondence with the Mayor of Lennoxville, Cecil W. Dougherty; a list of NWFZs in Canada as of February 1986; press clippings discussing NWFZ designations in the Eastern Townships; an unsigned petition for the declaration of Lennoxville as a NWFZ; a copy of a resolution designating Lennoxville as a NWFZ; a press release; a letter from Susan C. Mastine expressing an interest in having Kingsey Falls designated as a NWFZ; a copy of a resolution from the Corporation du Canton d'Ascot designating Ascot Township as a NWFZ; and a copy of a resolution from the Corporation Municipale d'Ascot Corner designating Ascot Corner as a NWFZ.