Downs-Draper family album Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
P02 Lucy Downs Item [187?-189?]
P03 Della Schofield Item [187?-189?]
P06 Mildred Downs Item [187?-189?]
P09 William Smith Item [187?-189?]
P10 Hattie Westover Item [187?-189?]
P12 Complimentary Dinner Program for Brig. Gen. D.C. Draper Item 1946-03-01
P20 Sarah Jane Draper Item [188?-189?]
P23 Alma, Dennis and Lydia Draper Item [187?-189?]
P37 Jessie McFarlane Item [188?-189?]
P39 Right Honorable Sir John A. Macdonald Item [187?-189?]
P05 John Downs, Martha Hawley, and their daughter Lena Downs Item [187?-188?]
P15 Lillis Brill (?) Item [187?-189?]
P19 Reverend and Mrs. Ebersole Item [187?-189?]
P21 Dennis Draper and Dr. Erle Draper Item [191?-192?]
P24 Lydia Draper Item [187?-189?]
P25 Almira Williams Item [187?-188?]
P27 Annie Dagnal (?) Item [187?-188?]
P28 Unknown young man Item [187?-189?]
P32 Lucy Downs Item [187?-189?]
P33 Lucy Downs Item [187?-189?]
P35 Draper family portrait Item [187?-188?]
P42 George Williams Item [187?-189?]
P43 John Downs Item [187?-188?]
P44 Mildred Downs Item [187?-189?]
P01 Henry Hawley Item [191?-192?]
P11 Brigadier General Dennis Colburn Draper Item [191?-192?]
P13 Alma Draper Item [187?-189?]
P18 Flora Smith Item [187?-189?]
P26 Alvira Draper Item [187?-189?]
P30 Harriet and John Downs Item [186?-187?]
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