Family Photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
P02 Sophie Sarah Adamson Item n.d.
P11 Unknown person Item [187?-190?]
P15 Unknown young woman Item [187?-189?]
P16 Unknown man and older couple on a buggy Item [190?-193?]
P17 Unknown man w/ moustache Item [1882-1901]
P21 Unknown woman Item [187?-189?]
P31 Unknown man w/ moustache Item [185?-189?]
P34 Unknown man Item n.d.
P42 Unknown man (?) Item 1917
P46 Graduation portrait of an unidentified young woman Item [188?-190?]
P03 In Loving Remembrance of Corporal Arthur Gordon Bartlett Item 1915 (?)
P06 Unknown man Item n.d.
P08 Unknown man Item n.d.
P09 Unknown woman Item n.d.
P18 Mrs. Stuart Item n.d.
P21 Lorne & Lowland Church Item n.d.
P24 Unknown man Item n.d.
P26 Unknown man Item n.d.
P28 Unknown man Item n.d.
P31 Three unknown persons Item n.d.
P40 Unknown man Item n.d.
P02 'To my Uncle Billy' - Kennan Pritchard Item n.d.
P03 Clarence McLaughlin and Jennie Butler Item [189?-190?]
D1 McLaughlin Family Album 1 File [185?-195?]
P03 Archdeacon David Lindsay Item [186?-189?]
P06 Agnes Merson Item May 1932
P09 Mrs. Birts Item [186?-187?]
P10 Unknown man w/ hat Item n.d.
P20 Unknown man w/ moustache Item [187?-189?]
P22 W.R. McLaughlin, Frank Johns and an unidentified woman Item [191?-193?]
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