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Île-aux-Noix (Quebec)

Île-aux-Noix (Quebec)

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Île-aux-Noix (Quebec)

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Île-aux-Noix (Quebec)

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The subseries contains primary and secondary source information on the personal, professional, and military lives of the Naylor family in Missisquoi County and in Manitoba from 1862 to 1992. It consists primarily of correspondence, photographs, biographical notes, family tree research, newspaper clippings, and land deeds pertaining to various members of the Naylor family. The subseries is comprised of the following files: Family research (1911[copied]-1990), Business affairs ([187-?]-[1975]), Property (1862-1921[photocopied]), Agnes A. Naylor (1911-1930), Benjamin V. Naylor (1874-1919), Donald B. Naylor (1914-1992), Elizabeth Bessie Naylor ([190-?]-1960), George B. Naylor (1901-1985), Grace A. Naylor (1902-1959), Herbert V. Naylor (1913-1917, 1987), Rev. William H. Naylor (1910-1990), Other Naylor Photographs ([186-?]-1929), and Boats and Shipping ([187-?]-[191-?]).

Fort Lennox

Item is a sketch depicting Fort Lennox and the Richelieu River from around 1830.


The file contains primary source information on property belonging to the Naylor family in Missisquoi County from 1862 to 1921. It consists of a land deed and a retrocession from Albert Chapman to Henry Naylor for land in St. Georges de Clarenceville as well as a copy of a letter pertaining to Benjamin V. Naylor's lease and transfer of land on Ile-aux-Noix to the Department of Militia and Defense and the Department of the Interior.

Business affairs

The file consists of primary source material on the business affairs of the Naylor family in Missisquoi County from around the 1870s to 1975. It consists largely of advertisements for steamship excursions and lumber, shipping receipts, an advertisement for Ile-aux-Noix Park, letterhead for "Naylor's summer resort", and a history of the Vaughan and Naylor shipping history.

Fort Lennox gate

Item is a photograph postcard of the north gate and passage at Fort Lennox on Île-aux-Noix from around the 1910s.

Fort Lennox looking west

Item is a photograph postcard looking west at Fort Lennox on Île-aux-Noix, with portions of the armoury, quarter master’s store, and officers’ quarters, from around the 1910s.

Foucault Township

The file contains primary source information on the geography, architecture and communities of villages in Foucault Township from around 1906 to 1954. It consists of postcard views of Clarenceville (now Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville), Noyan, Île-aux-Noix, and along the Richelieu River.