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Eastern Townships Resource Centre Graphic Material collection
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Union Twist Drill Co., Butterfield Division

The item is a photograph of the employees of the Butterfield factory in Rock Island in May 1936. Pictured in the photograph are: (front row, l-r) John Distefano, William Higgins, Cecil Whiteman, Joseph Carbonneau, Herman Sisco, unknown, Stanley Miller/Hiller, Fred LaRocque, "Pansy" Lavers, William Abbott, George Holland (General Manager), Lawrence Laythe (Office Manager), Clifford White (General Superintendent), Hugh Bell, Stanley Holland, William Hebert, Beulah Stevenson, Florence Warren Davis, Alice Ayer Merriman, Jeanne Menard McCullen, Dorothy Cosgrove Washington, Ruth McGaffey Bliss, Elaine Mallard, Dorothy Woodward Beach, Margaret Bell, Olive Brown Bliss, Merilla Bullock Farman, Katherine Farman, ? Foss, Edna Woodward Mason, Laura Neveu, Jean Robinson Kelly, Gerard Boisvert, Alfred Cote, ? Davis, Walter Curtis, Edward Redden, Wayne "Lefty" Hitchcock, Ronald "Pit" Young, Angus Barlow, Frank Maheux, Rudolph Bean, Cyril Cargill.
(second row standing, l-r): Henry P. Crawford, Jack Anderson, Leslie Ellis, Fred Ellis, Oscar Beaudin, Francis Distenfano, Arsene Cloutier, Carlton Joyce, George Tuckey, Wildred Dumas, Edison Lebaron/Labaron, Richard Middleton, Albert Michaud, Early McMullen, Armand Rondeau, Reginald Couture, William Smith, Frank Pepin, Arthur "Sparky" Jenkerson, Napoleon "Poly" Gagnon, Clarence Copp, William Denney, Joseph Maheux, Harold Hall/Houle, unknown, Harold Farman, Stuart Edgar, Harry Dolloff, Edward Garceau, Sidney Hall, Elbert Embury, Wallace Marley, Freddie Richer jr., Archie "Sliver" Webb, Roland Rondeau, Wilfred Bolduc, Thomas McCune, Joseph Barlow, Lawrence "Bus" Laythe, Jack Washington, Frank Washington, "Jee" Seguin, Earl Courser, Joseph Rondeau, Wilson Howe.
(3rd row, l-r): Jack Crawford, William Alexander, Joseph Wallace, Lee Webster, Jean Gratton, Frank Caron, Joseph Cote, Lorenzo Dion, Kenneth Brown, "Pete" Perron, Fay Hill, Edard Bushnell, Joseph Rever, "Lett" Mosher, Walter Simmoneau, Niel McMullen, Alton Hull, David Richer, ? Sargent, Harry Kelly, Fred Suitor, James Murphy, Hubert Pepin.
(4th row, l-r): Henry Gilbert, Antoine "Pete" Rodrigue, Gilman Dorman, Charles Merriman, Oswald Sisco, Grayden Watson, William Hull, Wilfred Lariviere, Howard Wells, Donald Holden, Charles Bennett, Mervin Standish, Lionel Cote, John Watson jr., Leewood Labaree, Eugene Moulton, Albert Farrow, Joseph Couture, Ernest "Fat" Nason, Harold Bacon, Edward Sicard?, ? Holden, John Piatti, Denis Daviau, Hubert Pepin, Carroll Aldrich, Bert Hamilton, Frank Leblanc, Homer Brainerd, Joe Breault, Arthur Poulin, Elias Gagnon, unknown, Leon Mosher, Edward Malouin, Lawrence Clapper, Edward Eaton Jr., Douglas Farrow, Fred May, Harold "Foxy" Wells, Henry Farrow, William Greer, Hollis Clapper, Emerson Peavy.
(back row, l-r): ? Seguin, ? Seguin, John Watson sr., Charles Clark, Lawrence Candlish, unknown, Raymond Wheelock, Maurice Heatherington, unknown, George Winter jr., Sidney Farrow, Charles Ellis, George Suprenant, Tom Richer, Eugene Wells, Damien Michaud.

Sherbrooke and Lennoxville.

File consists of two sheets from The Eastern Townships : A Pictorial Record, by Charles P. De Volpi and P.H. Scowen, 1962. (Townships FC 2943.4 .A1D4) One sheet shows reproductions of views of Sherbrooke in 1834 and of Lennoxville in 1832 from original drawings by C.B. Felton. The second sheet shows a reproduction of a view of Sherbrooke in 1836 from an original drawing by Colonel James Bouchette and R.S.M. Bouchette.

Dow Brewery

The item is a panorama photograph of the Dow Brewery located on Wellington Street South in the 1940s. The brewery, trucks, trailers, billboard advertisements for Dow, Blackhorse and Frontenac Blue Label, and employees are visible. The man in the striped shirt (third from left) has been identified as Emilion Daigle.

Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Marie-Anne Grégoire ( 1895-1985), their four children and sons-in-law and daughters-in-law.

On this picture, Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985) and their four children, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. From left to right: Ric (Ulric) McKenty (1918-1979), his wife Gertrude Vachon ( 1919-1998), Jeannine Péloquin (1925-2018), wife of Daniel, Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Daniel Vachon (1920-1982), Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), Renaud Vachon (1922-1997) and his wife Doreen Leblanc (1921-2006), Gaspard Lemay (1917-2020) and his wife, Madeleine Vachon (1917-2004). The photo was taken in the family home in Beaulac-Garthby at 57 St-François Street.

Vachon family (Garthby)

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Graphic Material collection

  • CA ETRC P998
  • Collection
  • [17--?]-[1995?], 2010

The collection contains source material on various topics related to the Eastern Townships in the eighteenth to twenty-first centuries such as portraits, landscapes, buildings, education, religion, culture, economy, military and sports. It consists of photographs, paintings and postcards.

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Graphic Material (Sherbrooke, Que.)

Unidentified family album

The file contains photographs of an unidentified family, dating from about 1916 to 1958. Many of the photographs appear to have been taken around North Hatley and Capelton (notably, Capelton mine), with some also identified as Lennoxville. The photographs primarily depict people, but also depict flood scenes, covered bridges, and some buildings.

Sherbrooke Methodist, later St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Item is a photograph of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, located in Sherbrooke at the corner of Gordon and King Streets. The church building was built in 1859 for the Sherbrooke Methodist Church and was later sold to the Irish Catholic congregation (in 1887) to become the St. Patrick's Catholic Church. The building was destroyed by fire in 1912.

Mary Hopper Miles

Item is a cabinet card portrait photograph of Mary Hopper Miles reading a book. The photograph was taken by William Notman sometime between 1856 and 1861, and has been painted-over to resemble a painted portrait.

Notman, William, 1826-1891

Gibbs Home in Sherbrooke

Photograph of a large group of people in semi-formal dress in front of the Gibbs Home in Sherbrooke. Banner reads: 'Gibbs Club Sherbrooke (Church of England) Patrons King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Long May They Reign'. Probably taken on the occasion of the visit of the King and Queen to Sherbrooke on June 12, 1939.

Burton, Thomas

A pontoon on Aylmer Lake

In this picture, we see a large two-story pontoon — possibly the floating cottage of the Smith family. The first floor is closed and the second floor is partially open. The rear two thirds of the pontoon consists of a gallery topped by a roof. The front part of the second floor is partially closed. Some people can be seen there. At the front, a small bridge. A rowboat is moored along the pontoon; it is covered on almost all its length by a roof.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Flack-Osgood family

The file contains primary source information on the Flack-Osgood family. It consists of a sepia-toned photograph of Mary Flack Osgood, her husband, and their four children. An inscription on the verso reads: "Mary Flack Osgood / (youngest sister of / John Flack - Asbestos) / Osgood family lived / in Laconia, N.H. / In picture - husband / sch. inspector, twins, / son - Raymond / youngest daughter: Ruth / reporter on local paper."

Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), her four children and a family friend.

In this photo, from left to right: Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), her four children, Renaud Vachon (1922-1997), Gertrude Vachon (1919-1998), Madeleine Vachon (1917-2004) and Daniel Vachon (1920-1982), and a family friend, Frances England.
The photo was taken on the Garthby wharf.

Vachon family (Garthby)

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