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Freeman Clowery Collection
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National Thread

The file contains information on National Thread in Sherbrooke from 1941 to 1971. It consists of newspaper clippings; correspondence; small artifacts such as pins and a men's jewelry set including cufflinks and a tie clip.


The file contains photographic information about various people living and evolving in the Eastern Townships from 1857 to potentially the 1970s. It consists of photographs.

Freeman Clowery Collection

  • CA ETRC P244
  • Fonds
  • 1834-2008

The collection contains information on various subjects of interest to Freeman Clowery from 1834 to 2008. It consists primarily of photographs; artifacts and documents related to Clowery's research and collecting areas; which were mainly about local organizations and businesses; agricultural exhibitions; and local figures. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Personal and Professional Life (1910-2008); People (1857-1999); Events and Celebrations (1890-2008); Military (1898-1945); Organizations and Businesses (1834-2000); and Other Photographs (1857-1999).

Events and Celebrations

The series contains information on various events and celebrations happening in the Eastern Townships from 1890 to 2008. It consists primarily of correspondence; photographs; artifacts; programmes; receipts. The series consists of the following subseries: Fairs (1890-2008); North Hatley Celebrations (1983-1996); Theatre Programs (1910-1979); Royal Visit (1939); Sherbrooke 1937 Centenary (1937-1938); and Ephemeral memorabilia (1923-1990).

Misc. audio-visual recordings

The subseries consists of the following video cassette recordings:

  • Sherbrooke La Reine des Cantons de l'Est (original dated 1951?)
  • Johnville Bog, 2003
  • Sherbrooke : Double Héritage (original dated 1968-1970?)
  • Sherbrooke Trust Century


The series contains information on the personal and professional life of various people in the Eastern Townships from 1857 to 1999. It consists of research; interviews; artifacts; correspondences; and other documents and artifacts relating to the history of these people. The series is composed of the following files: William (Bill) McCallum ([192-?]-1995); Earle Hall (1939-1967); George Jobel ([192-?-1999) Senator Jacob Nicol (1891-1958); David E. Taylor (1889-1929) and Hyatt Family (1857-1904).

Other People

The subseries consists of interviews with or about the following people: Eddy Echenberg Collection, R.S. Yeo, Thomas Ledwell, Dr. Simon Marcus, and P.M. Robins.

Audio reel

The file contains 2 audio reels, which contains information on interviews done by Freeman Clowery and Mildred Waldron from 1974 to 1975 on the subject of Bill McCallum and a segment from Townships Magazine "The Imps" from October 1994. It consists of audio and audio-visual recordings.

Personal and Professional Life

The series contains information on the personal life of Freeman Clowery and his family along with information on his professional life, working at the National Thread (Le Fil National) from 1910 to 2008. It consists primarily of photographs and correspondence. The series is comprised of the following files: Clowery Family (1910-2008); National Thread (1941-1971) and Correspondence ([1951, photocopied]-2001).

Governor General medal collection

The file contains information about Freeman Clowery's donation of his complete collection of Governor General medals to Government House in 1975. It consists of film of the medal presentation from the CBC (with sound) and CJOH Ottawa (silent) and a photograph from the ceremony.

Audio reels

The file contains information about the activities and interests of Freeman Clowery. It consist of two interviews with Freeman Clowery regarding the Horatio Nelson monument in Montreal, a piece of the monument, an interview that aired on Parle, Parle, Jase, Jase, and stories recounted by Freeman and Brenda Clowery about their parents.


The file contains photographs of William (Bill) McCallum; and his work in Sawyerville in probably the 1920's; and from probably the 1970's to the 1990's. It consists of photographs.

St-Patrick's Academy Tennis Club

Item is a photograph of the St-Patrick's Academy Tennis Club located on Belvédère / Belvidere Street (opposite to the Old C.P.R Station and Freight Sheds near Marquette). From left to right: 1. Cecile Cabana; 2. ?; 3.?; 4. Betty Steele (Hooper); 5. Harold Enright; 6. Robeta Tobin; 7. Clifford Wolf; 8. Leonard Wolfe; 9. Evelyn Veillieux; 10. ?; 11. Lillian Davis; 12. ?; 13. ?; 14. Beth McKleown; 15. Gregg O'Boyle; 16. Brother Calaham; 17. ... McCabe?; 18. ... Kenalty?; 19. Evelyn (Ebby) Murray; 20. ... Mulvena; 21. Emmett Wolfe; 22. Patrick Slattery; 23. Louise Veilleux; 24. Thomas Bonner; 25. Patrick Timmins; 26. Tyron Dion; 27. ?; 28. Yvonne Cabana; 29. Lucille Cabana; 30. Romeo Lemay; 31. ?; 32. Leslie Waite; 33. Andrea Codere; 34. ona McKeown; 35. ?;36. ?. Picture taken in 1924/25.

East Broughton mining sector

Item is a photograph of part of East Broughton, formerly East Broughton Station, (presently 10e avenue nord), with the mining installations of Quebec Asbestos Corporation visible in the distance, taken around 1910.

Judo at the YMCA

Item is a photograph of a judo fight happening at the YMCA. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA.

Organizations and Businesses

The series contains information about different businesses or organizations from the Eastern Townships from 1834 to 2007. It consists primarily of photographs; artifacts; correspondence; train memorabilia. The series is composed of the following files: YMCA (1911-1954); Rack-A-Rock Co. (1904-1906); Quebec Central Railway (1895-1948); Miscellaneous (1850-2007); and Miscellaneous Correspondence (1834-2000).


The file contains information about various organizations and businesses from the Eastern Townships from 1850 to 2007. It consists primarily of diplomas; letters; annual reports; graduation programs; a Rotary Club of Sherbrooke 75th anniversary programme; and a Elesco Twenty-Five Year Club photograph. Included in the diplomas: a certificate of university school examination from McGill, a plan for Quebec Asbestos Corporation, and Bishop College University and a diploma from Ontario Business College.

Other Photographs

The series contains photographic information on a variety of subjects such as mining; natural catasrtophes; buildings; landscapes and early portrait photography. It consists of photographs and a artifact. The series is composed of the following files: Asbestos (1909-1930); Glass Plate Negetives ([190-?]-1946); Portrait ([187-?]-[192-?]); Natural Catastrophe (1942-[194-]); Buldings and Landscapes (1872-1999); People (1957-[197-?]).


The file contains photographic information on mines and mining equipment in Val-des-Sources (Asbstos) from 1909 to 1930. It consists of pictures.

Frasier, Thorton & Co.

The file contains information on the Frasier, Thornton & Co. (a medicine company) in Cookshire from around the 1910s. It consists of promotional material and descriptions of their Pelletier Syrup and Cow Health Powder.

Hatley Canada Day celebrations

The subseries contains information related various celebrations Hatley, primarily relating Canada Day, from 1983 to 1996. It consists of two sing-along pamphlets; one special edition newspaper "Hatley Gleaner" published in 1983; 35 wooden nickels; a letter regarding the wooden nickels and 4 button regarding a bed race.

Wolfe Bridge during the Centenary

Item is a photograph of Wolfe Bridge (replaced by the Hubert C. Cabana Bridge), on Belvédère Street North over the Magog River, at night decorated for for the 1937 centenary of Sherbrooke with electric lights.

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