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Société d'histoire et du patrimoine du Haut-St-François collection
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Architecture in Scotstown

The file contains a copy of Visage d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui - Revitalisation Scotstown published in 1992. It consists of a history of Scotstown highlighted by its architectures in history, guides in identifying architectural heritages and maps indicating historical heritages and architectures in Scotstown.

Reseach documents on architecture

The file contains source material on architectures in Canada, Quebec and Eastern Townships. It consists of excerpts from publication: Encyclopédie de la maison Québécoise 3 siècles d’habitations (1972), L’architecture au Canada (1976), Les maisons du Quebec (1979), Les belles d'autrefois (1987), Patrimoine Estrie (1988,1989), Monuments historiques (1995) and a summary of architectural style in history.


The file contains source material on Weedon from 1861 to around 1989. It consists of censuses of Weedon from 1861 to 1891, histories and information of important commercial and residential buildings in Weedon, biographical information of frère Théode from Weedon and a publication list by the historical society of Weedon (société d'Histoire de Weedon).

Project of The Gould Rush

The file contains source material on the enterprise of The Gould Rush (La Ruée vers Gould) in Gould in 1995 and 1998. It consists of information on the enterprise that reused historical buildings for tourism purpose, a grant application to fund this enterprise in 1998 and documents researching the history of the buildings in 1995.

Scottish Festival and Heritage Tour

The file contains source material on the Scottish Festival in Lac-Mégantic and Heritage Tour in 1994 and 1995. It consists of minutes, calendars, budget, a leaflet and other information on the development of the Scottish heritage tour in 1995. It also includes programmes of the Scottish Festival, invitation letter and mandate of this event, a presentation on the conservation and development of Scottish heritage in MRC du Granit, newspaper articles related to this festival and Scottish heritages and publications on the Mégantic outlaw Donald Morrison.

Heritage Railways

The file contains source material on heritage railways in from 1988 to 1991. It consists of a guide for evaluating heritage railways, three inventories of railways including stations, structures and sites in East Angus, Scotstown and Cookshire, inventories of railway stations and rolling stocks in central Quebec in 1988 and a document designating the East Angus railway station as a heritage site in 1911.

History of railway

The file contains source material on the history of railways in Eastern Townships from 1877 to 1998. It consists of magazines, newsletters, book excerpts, newspaper clippings, correspondence and other documents related to railroad lines, trains, locomotives, stations, companies, employees and important persons in the development of railways in Eastern Townships.

Henry Caldwell

The file contains source material on Henry Caldwell and John Caldwell in 1977 and 1986. It consists mainly of historical and biographical information of Henry Caldwell from different publications, bibliographies and correspondence requesting portraits of Henry and John Caldwell in 1986.

Photographs of railway

The file contains photographs of railway related to Eastern Townships including trains, stations, locomotives, workers, passengers, accident from 1901 to 1952. It also includes a letter on photo request in 1999 and two drawings of the interior of rail-car. Some photos were reproduced from other organizations in 1998 and 1999 and others can be found in the photograph series of Société d'histoire et du patrimoine du Haut-St-François collection.


The file contains source material on Westbury from 1815 to 1987. It consists mainly of documents on the history and development of Westbury from its establishment, maps of the town and a newspaper clipping on a rail accident in Westbury in 1982.


The file contains source material on Eaton from 1844 to 1989. It consists of histories of Eaton published in 1894 and 1980, a book excerpt on Eaton in 1844, histories of the town hall of Eaton Corner and the Congregational Church in Eaton Corner published in 1963 and 1989.


The file contains source material on Cookshire from 1912 to 1992. It consists of newspaper articles on its history and anniversaries from 1967 to 1992, financial statements from 1912 to 1919, lists of secretary treasurers and mayors, land survey of the town, history and newsletters of the parish St-Camille, inventories of architectures, history of the Cookshire railway station and a copy of municipal calendar of 1990-1991.

Island Brook Church

The file contains source material on the sale of the Island Brook (Anglican?) Church in 1995 and 1996. It consists of meeting minutes on the sale of the church in 1995, the price list, the sale contract between Société d'histoire et du patrimoine du Haut-St-François and Quebec Inc. and correspondence on the sale of church and its future reuse in 1996.


The file contains source material on the history of Windsor from 1965 to 1977. It consists a copy of “Windsor (1875-1975) : 100 years of Progress and Effort” published for Windsor’s 100 years anniversary in 1975, a history of the paper industry in Windsor mills, newspaper articles on St. George’s Anglican Church in Windsor in 1977 and renovation of route no.5 in 1965.

Joseph Edward Palmer

The file contains source material on Joseph Edward Palmer from 1907 to 1965 who served as the first mayor of East Angus. It consists of newspaper articles on his life, activities and his families from 1907 to 1965, an autobiography and a certificate of citizenship of East Angus for him in 1949.

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