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Pinnacle Holdings Inc.

The file contains primary source information regarding Pinnacle Holdings Inc. from 1965 to 1970 and from 1994 to 2002. It consists of correspondence, documents regarding land transactions, insurance documents, a land valuation, a list of shareholders, a market value analysis, an appraisal report, a Simple Management Plan for Private Woodlots, a summary of land evaluations around Lake Lyster, and correspondence between shareholders.

Barnston roads

The file contains primary source information regarding the creation and maintenance of roads in Barnston from 1927 to 1966. It consists of the annual report of the Commissioner of Highways for 1927-1928; a copy of a resolution to pursue the building of a new road that was rejected by the Barnston Council in 1928; correspondence between Harold Ferrin Baldwin, Philippe Bourque, Alf. Bissonnet, Mr. Chamberlain, and Remi Ouimette regarding roads; a receipt from the Town of Barnston to John Slater for damage to the road leading to his farm (1929); a list of subscribers for the extension of a government road to Charles Morin's in Barnston Township for 1931; a receipt from Harold F. Baldwin to H.S. Bacon for road work (1932); a winter road tax roll; a list of subscribers for the extension of a government road from the Aldrich farm towards Baldwin's Mills; a letter from Imperial Oil donating 25 gallons of gasoline to the Barnston-Baldwin's Mills Winter Road Association (1950); and authorizations from Harold Ferrin Baldwin and Ruth May Baldwin to allow the Roads Department of the Province of Quebec to perform work on Chemin des Chalets in Baldwin's Mills.

Égouts Lac Lyster

The file consists of correspondence and surverys regarding water quality, erosion and sewers around Lake Lyster from 1993 to 1994.

Helen Wilma (Kielgas) Brekke Moore

The file consists of photographs of Helen Wilma Kielgas around the 1910s and 1920s. It includes one photograph of Helen and a young woman named Dorothy, taken in Milwaukee on June 25, 1922. It also includes a photograph that may not be Helen but strongly resembles her, which was taken on March 8, 1917 in Loring Park, Minneapolis.

Barnston Cemeteries

The file consists of two receipts for cemetery lots at the Baldwin's Mills Cemetery for W. K. Baldwin and John P. Baldwin from 1888 and correspondence and a financial report from the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Association from about 1997.

Other people

The file consists of photographs of the following people: Marjory Davis, Mrs. Gladwin, Louise Draper, Harold Draper, Mildred Draper, Pauline Dilley, Warren H. Rummey, Peter Racicot, Myrtie Bell Hartwell Rummey, Raymond Rummey, Perry Haskell, Henry A. Haskell, Esther Williams Stevens, Eva Boyd, Minnie Hyles(?), Betty May Ladd, Gerald Gibbons; Janet, Charles, Priscilla and Laurel Park; John, Bertha and Carol Gibbons; Charles, Mona, Jamie, Wardie Bachelder; Bernie, Rosie and George; Jim Crook; Rufus A. Baldwin and Wright Allison Baldwin; George, Loella, and [Came.?]; Stephen Mead (uncertain); Sharon Lee [Anne?]; Alice Cleveland Neil; Jane Baker; Adam Goldie; Mr. and Mrs. Walter [K.] Molson; Myra Sutton; a 1923 group photograph of Dr. Ball, Mr. Curtis, Col. Nelson, Mr. Telford, Mr. Thompson, Mr. McIntosh, Mr. Carson, Mr. Davis, L. Webster, A. Dawson, Mr. McFadyen, Mr. Stevens, Dr. Reed, Mr. Mick and Mr. Duboyce; three photographs of Harold F. Baldwin’s workmates at the C.P.R. Survey Camps in Alberta and British Columbia; a photograph identified as the Ross wedding anniversary; and a photograph of a young girl with inscription “Merry Christmas / Neil Johnston” on the verso. It also includes two school photos of the Baldwin's Mills school and other that is unidentified. The following individuals are identified: Ruth May, N. Washburn, Nelson Washburn, Loretta Markell, Annie Hammon, Stanley Lyon, Myrtie Washburn, Grace Washburn, Viola Washburn, Ethel Markwell, Evelyn Washburn, Dermont Markwell, Blanche Sullivan, Doris Markwell, Maurice Hebert, Iris Champagne, Lester Baldwin, Velda Lyons-Patterson, Mrs. Gallup, Roland Blake, Kevin Belknap and Marjorie Belknap. Lastly the file includes a photograph of the Stanstead College Football 1939-1940 team, including: R. Perkins, R. McIntosh, J. Poaps, J. Gagnon, D. Jack, H. Astle, E.C. Amaron, F. Clark, S. Abbott, H. Rollit, J. Gordon, G. Roberts, R. Weir, D.J. McClintock, A. Garbarino, R. Kelley, D. Maitland, C. Balfry, W. Gould, P. Waterman, and K. Jenkins.

Margaret Sutton

The file consists of photographs of Margaret Sutton between approximately the 1880s and the 1910s. Included among the photographs is one of Margaret in a nurse's uniform, a few studio portraits and a few taken outdoors.

Unidentified people

The file consists of unidentified photographs taken between approximately the 1880s and the 1980s, which includes a number of studio portraits and outdoor photographs.

Sam and Liz Munro

The file consists of outdoor photographs of Sam and/or Liz Munro taken between approximately the 1910s and 1969. Included among the photographs is one of Liz Munro with Rose May.

Other Photographs

The subseries contains photographs of people with unknown or indirect connections to the May, Baldwin and Ferrin families as well as unidentified photographs. The subseries consists of the following files: Mamie Baker Thomas ([189-?]-[1903?]), Sam and Liz Munro ([191-?]-1969), Margaret Sutton ([188-?]-[191-?]), Other people ([185-?]-1968), Unidentified people ([188-?]-[198-?]), Helen Wilma (Kielgas) Brekke Moore ([191-?]-[192-?]).

Mamie Baker Thomas and Myra Baker Paulson

The file consists of photographs, mostly studio portaits, of Mamie Baker Thomas, Myra Baker Paulson, Foster Keith Thomas, Thelma Paulson and Harold F. Baldwin, as well as a few building photographs, taken approximately between the 1890s and 1903.

Buildings, landscapes and animals

The subseries consists of photographs of landscapes, buildings and animals. Included among the building photographs are: the Baldwin's Mills General Store, Baldwin's Mills Baptist Church, Barnston United Church and parsonage, MacDonald College in Montreal, the Baldwin's Mills school house, a barn (possibly from the Baldwin homestead), the Feller Institute in Grande Ligne, The Balsams Resort at Dixville Notch, Rose May's house ("The Pine's"), Judd's Mill (grist mill belonging to Percy Baldwin), the Baldwin's sawmill, and Harold Baldwin's stone house. Included among the landscape photographs are: Baldwin's Mills, the Pinnacle Mountain, Lake Lyster as well as photographs from trips and from an agricultural exposition. Included among the animal photographs are dogs, cats, cows, horses, deer, a fox, and a bear. The subseries also includes many unidentified photographs.

Ferrin family

The subseries consists of portrait photographs of members of the Ferrin family, as well as a number of other individuals and some unidentified photographs. Shown in the photographs are: Jonathan Ferrin, Micah Ferrin, Lucinda Ferrin, Martin C. Ferrin, Sarah Mead Ferrin, Ella Augusta Ferrin, Lill Mead Ferrin, Sarah Haskell Ferrin, Elvyn Augustus Ferrin, Carrie FerrinYoung, Jennie Macrae McLauncy, Leois Ferrin Macrae, Ellen Alton Ferrin, John Tabor, Hannah Ferrin Tabor, Henry Tabor, Susan Mead Gilman, Marshal French, Lill Mead Jeffreys, Captain Jeffreys, Stephen Mead, Constance, Anna L. Mead, Joshua Roberts Mead, Polly Elliot Ferrin, Sophrona Ferrin, Moses Ferrin, Dr. Nathaniel Ladd, Abagail Mead Ladd, Nellie Mead, Edith Ferrin Williams, Samuel Bartlett, Chester M. Ferrin, Moses Ellis, Emily Ferrin Ellis, Bertie Ellis, Grace Gilman, Hannah Meeker, Reverend Griswald, Ebenezer Ferrin, Ora Ferrin, Mr. Fisk, Mary Danforth, Sarah Reed, unknown Coburn, Mary Pratt, Viola Herm, Charles Piper, Henry Piper, Ada Pratt, Loretta Gould, Rose Stubbard, Cornelia Robinson, Ferrin Harland, Albert Harland, Irene Harland, Antha Kidder Ferrin, Kate E. Ferrin, James Young, Marjorie Young and Alsey Young.

Other Baldwin family

The file consists of photographs of Baldwin family members, including childhood photographs of Oscar Wilcox Heath (son of Blanche Jeanette Baldwin), Sidney Baldwin, Neil Corey (son of Alice Lill Baldwin), Bill Baldwin, and Peter Racicot (son of Ruby May Baldwin).

Alice Lill Baldwin

The file consists of a photograph of Alice Lill Baldwin as a toddler in front of Lake Lyster, two portraits, and a photograph of her with her husband, I. Ross Corey, on their wedding day. The photographs were taken in about 1929, in 1947, and in 1948.

Eunice Ruth Baldwin

Item consists of a photograph of Eunice Ruth Baldwin, taken around the 1940s. She is seated on a large rock beside a body of water (possibly Lac Lyster in Baldwin's Mills).

Eunice Ruth Baldwin

The file consists of photographs of Eunice Ruth Baldwin taken between about 1926 and about 2002. Included among the photographs are baby photos, graduation portraits, photos with friends, school photos from when Eunice was a teacher, and photos of Eunice as an elderly woman.

W. Keith Baldwin

Item consists of a photograph of W. Keith Baldwin as a child, around 1927, seated on a staircase leading to the porch of a house. Keith is surrounded by pumpkins that appear to be painted in a metallic paint. The house looks like it may be Harold and Ruth Baldwin's stone house.

Elvyn Mead Baldwin

The file consists of photographs of Elvyn M. Baldwin taken between about 1925 and 1951. Included among the photographs is one of Elvyn among the crew of the HMCS Lauzon, Elvyn with a group of cadets and three of Elvyn and his wife, Jane Ross, from their wedding day.

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