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Harold Ferrin Baldwin

The file consists of photographs, largely portrait photographs along with one photograph that appeared in a newspaper article, of Harold Ferrin Baldwin taken between 1886 and the 1960s. It also includes a group photograph taken at Stanstead Wesleyan College in 1901.

Mead Haskell Baldwin

The file consists of photographs of Mead Haskell Baldwin, son of Willis Keith Baldwin and Lill Ferrin, including one photograph of Mead with his mother, Lill, from about 1892 to the 1920s. The photographs also include some of Mead in uniform during his army service, in his barracks, with fellow soldiers, and one photo of other soldiers without Mead.

Lill Ferrin Baldwin

The file consists of portrait photographs of Lill Ferrin Baldwin, wife of Willis Keith Baldwin, including one of Lill photographed with her son, Mead, between the 1870s and 1920s.

W. K. Baldwin

The file consists of portrait photographs of Willis Keith Baldwin, son of John Percival Baldwin and Jeanette Baker, as an adult, from about the 1890s to the 1930s.

Ruby, Keith, Elvyn, Eunice and Alice Baldwin

The item is a photograph of Ruby (far left), Keith, Elvyn, Eunice, and Alice Baldwin (front row) taken around 1930. The five Baldwin children are standing behind several pumpkins and gourds. Lac Lyster and the Pinnacle are visible in the background.

Albert Edson Baldwin

The file consists of a studio portrait photograph of Albert Edson Baldwin, son of John Edson Baldwin and Corrilla Cleveland, as a teenager around the 1880s.

Harold Baldwin and Family

The item is a photograph of Harold F. Baldwin with his children (Ruby M., W. Keith, Elvyn M., Eunice R., Alice L., H. Richard and Lester S.) in bathing suits (swimwear) at Lake Lyster, with Mount Pinacle visible in the background, taken around 1936.

Laura Fernand May

Item consists of a photograph of Laura Fernand May seated in a rocking chair, probably taken around the 1910s.Large pine trees and a building are visible in the background. The shadow of the photographer is visible in the foreground.

Other May family

The file consists of a Christmas card featuring a photograph of Mona Rose May, daughter of Ward and Vera May, around 1945. She is sitting on a swing extending down from a tree, surrounded by a grassy yard lined with shrubs. The Christmas card is signed on the verso: "Ward, Vera, & Mona Rose." Another inscription on the verso reads: "Ward May & Vera owned the beach / now [Jori] & Barbara's. / Vera worked for Roland Racicot."

Baldwin family

The subseries contains photographs of members of the Baldwin family taken between the 1860s and the 1960s. The subseries consists of the following files: Group and Album Photographs ([186-?]-1951), Eugene A. Baldwin ([189-?]), Albert Edson Baldwin ([188-?]), Jeanette Baker Baldwin ([186-?]), W.K. Baldwin ([189-?]-[193-?]), Lill Ferrin Baldwin ([189-?]-[192-?]), Mead Haskell Baldwin ([1892?]-[191-?]), Harold Ferrin Baldwin ([after 1886]-[196-?]), Ruby May Baldwin ([1921?]-[1927?]), Willis Keith Baldwin ([1922?]-[194-?]), Elvyn Mead Baldwin ([1925?]-[1951?]), Eunice Ruth Baldwin ([1926?]), Alice Lill Baldwin ([1929?], 1948), Harold Richard Baldwin ([1931?]) and Lester Stevens Baldwin ([1933?]).

Group and album photographs

The file consists of group photographs and photograph albums largely picturing members of the Baldwin family from around the 1860s to 1951 and 1991. Included among them are photographs of Willis Keith Baldwin, Lill F. Baldwin, Percival (Percy) A. Baldwin, Florence Baldwin, Adele Wilcox Baldwin, Eugene A. Baldwin, Beatrice Baldwin, Pardon W. Baldwin, Ethel Peck Baldwin, Mary Baldwin, Eugene Baldwin, Lyman Heath, Blanche Baldwin Heath, Oscar Heath, Sidney Baldwin, Adele Baldwin, Richard Baldwin, Clara May Cooke, Fred Cooke, Harold F. Baldwin, Mead H. Baldwin, Ruth May Baldwin, Ruby Baldwin, W. Keith Baldwin, Elvyn M. Baldwin, Eunice R. Baldwin, Alice L. Baldwin, Harold Richard Baldwin, Lester S. Baldwin, Jane Ross, Laura May, Bertha Drew, Olive Drew, Mona Racicot, Roland Peter Racicot, Peter Racicot, Douglas Albert Baldwin, Gertrude Adelle (Buckland) Baldwin, Liz Munro, Rose May, Miss Wiggett, Cecile (Lefevre) Baldwin, Jacqueline “Jackie” (Péloquin) Baldwin, Evelyn (Rowe) Baldwin, and Erline Jane (Ross) Baldwin. It also consists of a group photograph of a school picnic on the Pinnacle in 1930. The black, bound album includes photographs of B. P. Shilbury (?), Nancy Miles May, Richard Baldwin, Thomas Baldwin, Wright Baldwin, Hiram Baldwin, Walter Baldwin, Lewis Baldwin, May Thomas Baldwin, Issac Baldwin, Helen Bacon Baldwin, Ezra Baldwin, Phoebe Joyce Baldwin, Huldah Baldwin Tabor, Betsey Baldwin Tabor, Melvina May Taylor, Hollis Taylor, Richard Tabor, Judson Baldwin, Ida Baldwin Welch, Lawrence Welch, George Baldwin and Mrs. Charles Lovell as well as a number of unidentified photographs.

Picnicking at Ayer's Cliff Fair

The photograph contains primary source material from the Elvyn M. Baldwin family fonds. It consists of a photograph of Clara Cooke, Harold Baldwin, Elvyn Baldwin, Fred Cooke, Keith Baldwin and Ruth Baldwin picnicking at the Ayer's Cliff Fair.

Cecil May

The file consists of a photograph of Cecil May, son of Wilber May and Mildred Martin, pictured with an airplane from about the 1940s and another of Cecil, Ruby, Charlie and Janie with a car from 1943.

Marjorie May Hall

The file consists of two photographs of a roughly sixteen-year-old Majorie May, daughter of Maud May and Edwin Hall, taken around 1919.

Irene May Drew

The file consists of photographs of Irene May from about the 1920s to about the 1940s. Included are a studio photograph of Irene as a child; a photograph of Irene and her husband, Gordon Drew; and two Christmas cards of their children.

Gordon Drew and Irene May Drew

Item consists of a photograph of Gordon and Irene Drew (née May) around the 1920s. Gordon is sitting on a fence and Irene is leaning against it. Trees are visible in the background.

Ruth May Baldwin

The file consists of photographs of Ruth May Baldwin from about the early 1900s to the 1960s. Included are a photograph of Ruth's son, Keith, and a few portrait photographs of Ruth.

Fred May

Item consists of a studio photograph of Fred May taken by J.J. Parker in Derby Line, Vermont around the 1910s.

Fred Cooke and Clara May Cooke

Item consists of a photograph of Fred and Clara Cooke (née May) around the 1920s, standing in front of a house. The house has ivy climbing its pillars and a balcony above the porch.

Clara May Cooke

The file consists of photographs of Clara May from the early 1900s to about the 1940s. Included among the photographs are a number from Clara's wedding to Fred Cooke in 1927 as well as a photograph that pictures Liz Munro.

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