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Bridge collapse at Lakes Mills

The item is a photograph of the collapsed remains of the old bridge at Lakes Mills. The bridge in Lakes Mills was built around 1840. It collapsed in 1916 with George Armstrong Kees, his wife Ada (Lake), baby daughter, Amethyst, and a pair of driving horses. All survived. A carriage can be seen in the wreckage.

Learned Hotel

The item is a photograph of the Learned Hotel under construction in Cookshire, showing people on and around the building.

Learned Hotel (Cookshire, Que.)

Compton County

The series consists of material on the people and places from Compton County. It contains the following sub-series: Landscapes/Streetscapes [1916]-[194-?], Buildings [184-?]-[2005], Families [18--]-[1961], Economy, Industry, and Professions [18--]-[1910], Transportation [187-?]-[1926], Military [191-?]-[1918], Education [189-]-[1951], Recreation [189-?]-[1937], Religion [187-?]-[196-?], and Medicine [1917-1938]. The series includes 147 photographs, 37 sketches, 5 textual records, 15 postcards, and 2 paintings

CCHMS Graphic Material Collection

  • Collection
  • [18--]-[2005]

The collection consists of source material from people and places in and around the Eastern Townships of Quebec. It contains mostly photographs and sketches of residents of this area, as well as material on industry, education, medicine, religion, and recreation in the Townships. The collection includes 175 photographs, 42 sketches, 16 postcards, 2 paintings, and 1 map.


This sub-series consists of material on families in Compton County. It contains the following files: Cromwell family [186-], Ellis family [187-], Farr family [190-], Ord family [186-], Leonard family [189-], Cook family [18--], Warren family [18--]-[183-], Batley family [18--], Lalumiere family [189-?]-[194-?], Sharman family [18--], Bown family [18--], Ross family [186-?], Gillies family [18--], Sawyer family [18--], Riddell family [18--]-[189-?], Taylor family [186-?], Cairns family [187-?], Rogers family [188-?], Wilson family [1907], Learned family [18--]-[190-?], Frye family [189-?], French family [186-?]-[189-?], Worby family [188-?], Chute family [188-?]-[191-?], Mackay family [190-?], Cobleigh family [189-?]-[190-?], Picard family [18--], Caswell family [188-]-[19--], Warner family [18--], Bowen family [189-?], Burns family [188-?], Watt family [19--], Austin family [186-?]-[1961], Sunbury family [18--]--[188-?], Hurd family [18--], Heard family [18--], Willard family [186-?]-[188-?], Rand family [18--]-[187-?], Bowker family [18--]-[190-?], Harvey family [18--], Anderson family [19--], Scott family [189-?], Morrison family [1894], MacAulay family [188-?], Bartlett family [186-?], Unknown family [18--]-[189-?], Bailey [189-?]. The sub-series includes seventy-three photographs, thirty-seven sketches, and one painting.


The sub-series consists of material on commercial and residential buildings in Compton County. It contains the following files: Martinville [189-?], Sawyerville [188-?]-[1937], Cookshire [184-?]-[1918], Bulwer [188-]-[193-], Eaton Corner [2005], Unknown location [188-?], La Patrie [190-?]-[1906], Scotstown [187-]. The sub-series includes nine photographs, nine postcards, one textual record, and one painting.


This sub-series consists of material on landscapes and streetscapes in Compton County. It contains the following files: East Clifton [19--], Sawyerville [194-?], Cookshire [196-?], Flanders [1916]. The sub-series includes four photographs, and one textual record.

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