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List of Poems and Writings

The file consists of a 6-page typewritten list of Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary works, divided into categories: sonnets, baby songs, individual poems to friends, war, translations, patriotic, and published chap-books. There is also an untitled section listing poems and lyrics in alphabetical order. New titles of poems were added to the list by hand afterward.


The file consists of five stories for children written by Minnie Hallowell Bowen. Two of them are typescripts: "Carrol and the Brownies" and "Under the Stone". The others, "The Magic Stone", "What Happened to Milly", and "Little Sunwave", are photocopies from the Sherbrooke Telegram. This newspaper published these stories in weekly parts in its "The Children's House" page in 1932 and 1933.

Flag Designs

The file consists of Minnie Hallowell Bowen's flag proposal; preparatory designs, notes, and découpages; textile samples; and a photocopy of a press clipping inviting the public to visit the editorial office of the Sherbrooke Daily Record, where Minnie Hallowell Bowen's flag proposal hung and comment on it.

Press Clippings on Flags

The file consists of photocopies of articles related to flag issues in Canada and in other countries, published in a wide variety of newspapers and periodicals from the end of the 19th century to 1946.

Personal Life

The series contains primary source information on the personal life of Minnie Hallowell Bowen of Sherbrooke, QC from approximately 1863 to 1943. It consists largely of correspondence, photographs, last will and testaments, obituaries and poems. The series is comprised of the following files: Biographical Details (1875-[1914?]), Correspondence ([1889?]-1941), Wills and Estate (1937-1942), Tributes (1911, 1942-1943), Photographs ([1863-1865?]-1941).

Scout Lloyd Bowen

Item consists of a portrait photograph of Scout Lloyd Bowen, part of the 2nd Sherbrooke Troop, in uniform in about 1918.

Tuxis Mock Parliament

The file contains primary source information on the involvement of Sherbrooke, QC's Lloyd H. Bowen in the Tuxis Mock Parliament from approximately 1922 to 1924. It consists of notes, speeches, a text for a vote of thanks, and a list of the Conservative members and standing figures of the parties in the Mock Parliament in 1923.

YMCA Junior Spokes Club

The file contains primary source information on the participation of Sherbrooke, QC's Lloyd H. Bowen in the YMCA Junior Spokes Club from 1925 to 1927. It consists of correspondence about upcoming meetings of the Junior Spokes Club of the YMCA in Winnipeg, two speeches given by Lloyd H. Bowen on Canada's world position and on French-Canadian characteristics and contributions to Canada.


The file contains primary source information on the military career of Sherbrooke, QC's Lloyd H. Bowen from about 1921 to 1946. It consists of invitations military banquets and greeting cards from military officers and soldiers; correspondence from soldiers overseas during World War II; press clippings about the nomination of officers and about a banquet to honor Base Depot officers; Lloyd H. Bowen's 1921 military diary; his notebook of tactics; two texts by Lloyd H. Bowen on boxing and the Cadet system in Canadian schools; correspondence related to cadets' instruction courses and Militia staff courses; certificates of military qualifications; appointments; instructions from the Department of National Defense on the occasion of the royal visit to Sherbrooke in 1939; telegrams; documents related to the University of Bishop's College C.O.T.C.; an issue of The Legionary (Nov. 1930); a Red Cross armband; an identification artefact for a Soldiers' Reception Committee; a placard "A bas la conscription/Down with conscription"; Lloyd's military service records; documents related to his involvement as a member of the Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Canadian Prisoners of War; and a map from a training exercise around Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (St. John's); and photographs. Among the photographs are: the Sherbrooke High School Cadet Corps in 1924, showing Lloyd H. Bowen among others; Lloyd in cadet and military uniforms; soldiers marching in Owen Sound, Ontario; photographs from the military base at Borden, Ontario (1941-1942); other identified people including Dan McManes, Gordon Johnston, Stewart Barton, Sargent Twain, Tom Merrett, George Elvidge, Graham George, Arthur Ottiwell, Darel Darcy, and John Clement Hobson; photographs from Lloyd's time in Borden, England and Eastbourne, England (1941); the Canadian Repatriation Liason Group (1945); as well as photographs from military training exercises.

Bequests and Securities

The file contains primary source information on the bequests and securities of Lloyd H. Bowen of Sherbrooke, QC from 1929 to 1930. It consists of the last will and testament of Edward L. Adams Jr. dated 25 February 1929, which includes a bequest to Lloyd H. Bowen; a receipt for legacy under power of appointment confirming that Lloyd H. Bowen has received his bequest; and a record of Lloyd H. Bowen's securities, probably in relations to his recent bequest.


The file contains primary source information on the poetry composed by Lloyd H. Bowen of Sherbrooke, QC, probably from sometime in the 1920s. It consists of three poems: one is a typewritten poem entitled "Why Not?"; one is a photocopy of a press clipping from Life, including a poem entitled "Hymn to Home" by Lloyd H. Bowen, but signed with a pen name, Baron Ireland; and the third one is a handwritten poem entitled "To Ned" (his deceased cousin Edward Hugh Bowen). The poem is signed "Lloyd H. Bowen New York City 1924".

Other Photographs

This file contains primary source information on the life of Lloyd H. Bowen of Sherbrooke, QC from 1904 to sometime in the 1940s. It consists of photographs not included in the other subjects files relating to the life of Lloyd H. Bowen. It includes photographs of Lloyd as a baby, skiing, in choir robes, with a group of men at a sales convention, at his wedding to Helen J. Dingle, with playmates as a young boy, and camping with friends as an adolescent.

Boy Scouts

This file contains primary source information on Cecil H. Bowen's involvement with the Sherbrooke District Boy Scouts as their Secretary-Treasurer from about 1922 to 1923. It consists of two newpaper clippings contains a letter to the editor and a published report on the Scouts' activities, both written by Cecil.

St. Francis District Court, Sherbrooke

The item is a photograph of the members of the St. Francis District Court, Sherbrooke, ca. 1850s. Pictured are (L-R): C.M. Hyndman, John Hallowell, Eleazar Clark, J.S. Sanborn, George F. Bowen, Honourable Edward Short, L.E. Morris, John Short, George R. Robertson, Edward T. Brooks, Thomas W. Ritchie, and S.A. Stevens.

Frederick Chamberlin Bowen

The file contains primary source information on the military career of Frederick "Lin" Chamberlin Bowen from the 1890s to 1923. It consists of letters written by Frederick Chamberlin Bowen to his mother and uncle when he was in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI, as well an eye exam report, handwritten notes on his doctor, and photographs. The letters give information mainly on his regiment's departure for Europe, his experience at the front, his health problems, and different soldiers from the Townships. The file also contains newspaper clippings on Lin's return from the war and an obituary from 1917 and 1923, respectively.

Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin (1876-1923)

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