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Commerce and industries
CA SHC C032-S001-D006 · File · 1875-2014
Part of Collection Société d’histoire de Coaticook

File presents information on the economic history of the Coaticook region from 1875 to 2014. It consists of an account book for James Williamson for R.C. Baldwin’s store (1875), an invoice from Charles H. Bryan (freight delivery) for Belding-Corticelli (1917), a poster for J. H. Knapp’s ambulance and funeral service and a wedding book printed to J. H. Knapp ([192-?]), a flyer for Georges Vaillancourt's store (date unknown), three promotional posters for Cercle de Couture Pfaff, Felix I. Lajoie (Coton Wabasso) and J. B. Dionne (dates unknown), two wallpaper sample catalogues from W. E. Dionne & Fils (dates unknown), a programme for the Penman's employee picnic held at Jacques-Cartier Park (22 August 1953), a promotional brochure for Massey-Harris owned by Kenneth Walker (1953), a poster for Fernand Riendeau's ambulance service (ca. 1955), an article “Scientific fish culture in Quebec since 1945” by Louis-Roch Séguin (1957), an article “Étude d’un important projet pour la promotion touristique de la Station Piscicole du Lac Lyster” (1957), a brochure “Eastern Townships Fish Hatchery/Station piscicole des Cantons de l’Est” (1958), a brochure for Camping Piskiart at Lake Lyster (1960s), a ribbon from the Penman's employee picnic held at Crystal Beach in Magog (26 August 1961), two flyers for the Marché Suprême Benoit (1963) and Coaticook Pharmacy, a promotional poster for Michael Élias & Co. (ca. 1964), an article “Trout rearing with the minimum of fresh make-up water possible/Élévage de truites avec le minimum d’eau fraîche de compensation possible” by Louis-Roch Séguin, Benoit Dion and Raymond Charbonneau (1978), a commemorative photo album and medallion celebrating Niedner's 100 years in Coaticook (2014), a profile of H.L. Boisvert mill in "Le Meunier" (1990), and a cabinetry catalogue from Cabico (2014).

CA SHC C032-S001-D007 · File · 1940-1971
Part of Collection Société d’histoire de Coaticook

File presents information on education in Coaticook from 1923 to 1971. It consists of a prize list for Marie Blanche Boisclair from the Présentation de Marie Pensionnat de Coaticook in 1923, correspondence with Romuald Dumont during his role in the planning committee for the Academie du Sacré-Coeur reunion (“l’amicale”) in 1940, two issues of the Coaticook High School Banner yearbook (1955, 1960) and statistics (school census) for the Commission scolaire de Coaticook from 1960 to 1971.

Mme. Nichols collection
CA SHC C037 · Collection · 1956, [197-?]

The collection consists of compiled transcripts and excerpts of documents from various women's groups and churches in the Coaticook area, including:
-letter of resignation as secretary for the Women's Missionary Society of the Coaticook United Church from Ethel Rogers (1956)
-Mission Band Report by Isabelle Wadleigh 1956
-compiled list of members of the United Church Women of the Coaticook United Church for 1946-1974
-documents for Young Ladies Circle Poetry -compiled list of the Membership roll (of the United Church? ) for the Compton area 1861-1854
-extracts from United Church Women minutes, 1960s
-list of burials at "Old Moulton Burying Ground" cemetery
-transcript of Young Ladies Circle financial accounts from 1898-1927
-transcript of various documents from women's organizations at Sisco Memorial United Church in Coaticook
-extracts from Coaticook Methodist Church Board of Trustees from 1877-1919

Willie E. Dionne
CA SHC F045 · Fonds · 1920-1942

The fonds contains information on the business W.E. Dionne & Lestage in Coaticook from 1920 to 1942. It consists of professional correspondence addressed to Willie E. Dionne or Dionne & Lestage, tinsmiths, plumbers and painters, and of press clippings, which consist largely of advertisements for W.E. Dionne.

Dionne, Willie E. (1883-1961)
CA SHC F044 · Fonds · 1875-1891

The fonds contains information on the insurance policies issued by the Stanstead and Sherbrooke Fire Insurance Company, likely by the Coaticook insurance agent from 1875 to 1891. It consists of two application registers. The applicants are mostly residents of Coaticook but some are from Stanhope, Moe's River and surrounding areas. Notably, the applications include sketches of the buildings (dimensions and position) to be insured.

Stanstead and Sherbrooke Fire Insurance Company (Sherbrooke, Que.)
CA SHC F032 · Fonds · 1985

Fonds presents information on the foundation of Joujouthéque de Coaticook Inc. in 1985. It consists of minutes for the founding meeting of Joujouthéque de Coaticook, documents to request incorporation, a book of games purchased, and instructions to parents.

Joujouthèque de Coaticook Inc.
Property and land
CA SHC C032-S001-D008 · File · [190-?]-2014
Part of Collection Société d’histoire de Coaticook

File presents information on property and land transactions in Coaticook from around 1900 to 2014. It consists of register of land searches and certificates (1913-1961), a catalogue of properties for sale by Nunns & Moulton in French and in English ([190-?]), and copies of acts relating to the property of the Frères des Écoles Chrétienne in Compton ([copied 2014]).

CA SHC C032-S001-D001 · File · 1888-2003
Part of Collection Société d’histoire de Coaticook

File contains information on the general history of Coaticook and surrounding region from 1888 to 2003. It consists of a charter for the Town of Coaticook (1888), a programme and souvenir book for Old Home Week (1914), a typed copy of “The Early History of Coaticook from its foundation to 1902” by B.N. Robinson and annotated by Mgr Prosper Durand (1993), historical articles by Romauld Dumond (1964), a description of the Exchange Censeau-Coaticook project ([1972?]), and an article by Ivy Hatch titled “History of the N-word River” (2003).

Fonds Lucie Roy-Alain
CA SHC F043 · Fonds · 1981-[200-?]

Le fonds contient de l'information sur le prolongement de gazoduc par Trans Québec et Maritimes par East Hereford, sur la vie de Lucie Roy-Alain, et sur la vie communitaire à East Hereford et Coaticook entre 1981 aux années 2000. Il consiste de la correspondence, des études environmentales, l'opposition au gazoduc, et de documents de recherche sur le projet de prolongement. Il consiste de photographies et des oeuvres artisitiques de Lucie Roy-Alain. Le fonds comprenne les séries suivantes : Gazoduc TQM Prolongement vers Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS) (1995-1999), Photographies (1981-1994), Oeuvres artistiques ([200-?]) et Antoine Roy (1992, 2013).

CA SHC F042 · Fonds · 1930-1931

The fonds contains information on the musical performances of the École musicale du Comté de Stanstead in Coaticook from 1930 to 1931. It consists of programmes.

CA SHC F037-S004 · Series · [194-?]-[196-?]
Part of Fonds Philibert Cloutier

Le séries contient deux photos de Philibert Cloutier avec une équipe de hockey (Maurais Automobiles Ford et Dynamique) et une photo de lui dans son uniforme militaire.

Curé Arthur Sideleau
CA SHC F041 · Fonds · 1962-1963
  • Sainte-Suzanne de Stanhope Catholic Church, interior and exterior, and presbytery in summer and winter, 1962-1963
  • views of Stanhope, 1962
  • Pensionnat Notre-Dames-des-Neiges in Stanhope
  • tables ready for the annual parish supper, 1962
  • Stanhope cemetery in winter and summer, 1962-1963
  • Stanhope central school (Catholic), 1962
  • Stanhope customs and border office
  • Miss Hall in Island Pond, Vermont
  • Installation of water lines and septic tank at church and presbytery in Stanhope, including Noël Lamoureaux and J. Bellefeuille, 1962
  • an unidentified soldier
Sideleau, Arthur (1925-2013)
CA SHC F038 · Fonds · 1971-2014

Le fonds présente les activités et le gestion de la Bibliothèque Françoise-Maurice de Coaticook de 1971 à 2014. Il consiste de rapports annuels, de procès-verbaux, de photographies et de coupures de presse. Le fonds est composé des séries suivantes: Documents historiques, Procès-verbaux, Rapports annuels, Activités et animation, Bâtiments et biens mobiliers, Coupures de presse.

CA SHC F038-S005-D001 · File · 1986-2002
Part of Fonds Bibliothèque Françoise-Maurice de Coaticook
  • Informatisation de la Bibliothèque municipale de Coaticook, 1986
  • Services performants : solutions d’avenir : étude sur l’informatisation de la bibliothèque publique, 1994
  • Plan de développement bibliothèque municaple de Coaticook, Horizon 2000
  • Projet d’agrandissement de la Bibliothèque de Coaticook : aménagement et corrélation des espaces, 2002
CA SHC F038-S004-D004 · File · 1988-2004
Part of Fonds Bibliothèque Françoise-Maurice de Coaticook

Les photos représente les sujets suivants: animations, expositions, activités estivales et de l’Halloween, défilés, contes de Noël, Chauve-souris & cie, rencontres d’auteurs, Festival du Lait, Initiation internet, visites d’animaux et de reptiles, Journées de la culture, oeuvre Aires de famille

Activités spéciales
CA SHC F038-S004-D002 · File · [200-?], 2004-2009
Part of Fonds Bibliothèque Françoise-Maurice de Coaticook
  • Le Troun et l’oiseau musique, [200-?]
  • Porto et autres Plaisirs, 2004 =31 photos
  • Fantaisies gourmandes d’ici et d’ailleurs, 2005
  • DVD “Excursion des furteuses” Spéciale Bibliothèque de Coaticook (2009)
  • photos d’une levée de fonds non-identifiée
Fonds Dumoulin family
CA SHC F031 · Fonds · [194-?]-2014

Fonds presents information on the history of the Dumoulin family in Coaticook from the 1940s to 2014. It consists of productions of photographs of the Dumoulin family in the 1940s and the 1950s, two reproductions of newspaper articles, a reproduction of Jean-Maurice Dumoulin’s book cover, a CD of poems and songs by Jules Dumoulin, and a biographical sketch of Jean-Maurice Dumoulin.

Dumoulin (family)
Fonds Rues principales
CA SHC F030 · Fonds · 1993-2008

Fonds presents some of the activities and community involvement of the organization Rues principales in Coaticook from 1993 to 2008. It consists largely of photographs but also includes posters, advertisements, and press releases. The fonds is composed of the following files: Activities and Promotional photographs.

Rue principales. City of Coaticook
Coaticook region
CA SHC F022-S005 · Series · 1879, 1945-2001
Part of Fonds Jean-Nil Drolet

Series contains information on the history of Coaticook and area from 1875 to 2001. It consists of a letter to James McCauley (1879), a reproduced photo of a cadet group on St-Jean-Baptiste Street (1945), a religious scrapbook ([195-?]), a newletter for the Club Optimiste de Coaticook (1984), a programme for the 10th anniversary for the Manoir de Chez-Nous (1996), a newspaper article on Neil Tillotson (1998), and a souvenir programme for the Filles-de-la-Charité de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (2001).