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Chemin Allard

The file contains primary source information on the proposal to turn Chemin Allard, in Baldwin's Mills, into a 'chemin de tolerance' from 1996 to 1998. It consists of correspondence, lot plans, agendas, a budget, a cadastral report.


The file contains primary source information on food and gasoline rationing during the Second World War in Quebec. It consists of food and gasoline ration booklets belonging to Ruth May Baldwin, Elvyn Baldwin, Harold Ferrin Baldwin, Richard Baldwin, Alice Baldwin, Eunice Baldwin, Lester Baldwin, Avery Edward, Ruby Racicot, and Peter Racicot. It also consists of a poster with instructions to gasoline outlets for gasoline rationing in 1944-1945.

Ferrin Family

The series contains primary source information on the Ferrin family in New England from 1811 to 1974. It consists primarily of correspondence written and received by members of the Ferrin family, documenting their everyday lives and interactions with family and friends. It also consists of some education- and business-related records. The series is comprised of the following subseries: Martin C. Ferrin ([1827?]-1892), Charles E. Ferrin (1845-1848), Micah Ferrin ([1811-1854?]), Kate E. Ferrin (1889-1897, [19--?]-1941), Sarah Haskell Ferrin (1892-1899), Ellen Alton Ferrin ([19--?]-1927), Chester M. and Caroline B. Ferrin (1862-1864 [transcribed 195-?], 1886, 1917-1929, 1935), Carrie E. Ferrin Young (1906-1936, 1943, 1947), Antha E. Kidder Ferrin ([19--?]-1934), Clark E. Ferrin ([1834?]-1848, 1870), Correspondence received by Ferrin family ([1819?]-1892), Esther (Williams) Stevens ([190-?]-1974), Everett Martin Williams ([1909?]-1915, 1930-1932), Edith Mabel (Ferrin) Williams ([1926-1941?]), and Miscellaneous Ferrin family ([1823?]-1934).

Townships businesses

The file contains promotional materials for businesses located in the Eastern Townships in the 1900s. It consists of a small business card for Chas E.C. Gill, Coaticook, Que. with a handwritten note that Gill "repairs umbrellas"; a promotional card for A.E. Kinkead & Co., a cigar and tobacco business in Sherbrooke, Que.; a booklet published by Spencer Corsets (Canada) Limited entitled "Every Woman's Problem - Her Figure" with details for Miss L.M. Corcoran, Spencer Corsetiere, Rock Island, Que.; and an advertisement on newsprint for D.S. Bachand, grocer, Coaticook, Que.

Ayer’s Cliff School Fairs

The file contains primary source information on the Ayer's Cliff School Fairs from 1930 to 1939. It consists of prize lists for the annual School Fairs from 1930-1934, 1936, and 1938-1939. Some of the prize lists include notes in pencil, pobably written by Harold Ferrin Baldwin, indicating when his children and others won prizes.

Miscellaneous documents

The file consists of a promissory note from Willis Danforthe owed to Samuel Blake, witnessed by Joseph Worth (dated September 4, 1824, Stanstead); a lyric sheet for a hymn sung at the examination of students of Westfield Academy on February 18, 1834; a list of missionary books belonging to the town of Holland, VT (dated January 8, 1847); Harter's Handy Interest Tables (published 1881); an order of exercises from the Lowell Sabbath School Union Anniversary on July 4, 1890; a banquet program, given in honour of Hon. Charles Carroll Colby, in 1890; a poster for a livestock auction in Derby, VT on September 30, 1892; a business card for Arbor Cafe in Wappingers Falls, NY with a poem entitled "The Perfect Man" on the verso; a Christmas card showing the staff of the Burleson Sanitarium in Grand Rapids, MI; an article entitled "Sherbrooke, Quebec: 'The Electric City'" by A.M. de Beck published in Canadian News, January 8, 1914; November 1922 issue of The Battle Creek Sanitarium Idea, a magazine; a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws and Extracts of Game Laws for the Lake Massawippi Fish and Game Protection Club ([1928 or later]); a quotation from Thomas Robertson & Company Limited for Lemuel Markwell for metal building materials, dated February 16, 1933; a banquet program, given in honour of Dr. W. L. Shurtleff, in 1936; a Valentine's Day poem from 'Jeanette and Ted', dated 1978; and hand-written historical notes by Harold F. Baldwin and Elvyn M. Baldwin, from about the 1960s to the 1980s.

Land documents and maps

The file contains primary source information on land transactions and topography for the Eastern Townships and Vermont from 1859 to the 1998. It consists of the following land deeds and transactions: Levi Masher to Caswell French, Alexander Rea to Malcolm Nicholson, Geo. R. Caswell Lumber Company to Wilbur Wallace, Edward Byrne to Fredrick W. Rowe, Fred Caswell and Dudley W. Davis to Henry W. Derrick, Marshall Ames and Flora Tabor Ames to Geo. T. Ames, a lease between William C. Washburn and Alfred E. Corliss, a copy deed of sale between Edward W. Gray and Robert Murrough and Robert Lester, and a compilation of all land transactions from the Coaticook Registry Office relating to a group of lots in Barnston Township. It also includes maps and plans; some including lot and range numbers, buildings, owners and business names; of the area around Lake Lyster and Stanstead.

Stanstead Journal excerpts

The file consists of a photocopy of notes on the Barnston and Baldwin's Mills areas by Merrick Belknap taken from the Stanstead Journal from about 1885 to 1907 and handwritten notes from the Stanstead Journal on the same subjects from the 1850s to the 1890s by Elvyn M. Baldwin.

Newspaper clippings

The file consists of newspaper articles on two Baldwin family reunions, W. K. Baldwin's business success in Baldwin's Mills, a the section "Bits of Nostalgia" from The Record with a note on the Baldwin's Mills Dairy, an article titled "The Three Sherbrookes" by Bertha Weston Price, the death of Alice Baldwin and her two sons, the murder of W. K. Baldwin, the death of Lill Baldwin and the death of Harold F. Baldwin from about the 1910s to 1999.

Education in Barnston

The file contains primary source information regarding education in Barnston from 1842 to 1869 and from 1932 to 1955. It consists of notes and correspondence regarding the Barnston School Board; a photocopy of the Barnston school minute book from 1842 to 1869; Quebec secondary school examinations from the 1930s; a financial statement for the Protestant School Corporation of Barnston from 1937; a reference letter for Miss Marcia Cummings, school teacher; an English composition examination (1939); correspondence regarding the transport of school children; a notice of meeting for the Barnston Protestant School Board; and an examination of the lot boundary lines for the Way's Mills school house, dated 1954.

Stanstead County Agricultural Society

The file contains information on the Stanstead County Agricultural Society and the Ayer's Cliff Fair in 1931, 1954, and from 1962 to 1964. It consists of exhibition prize tags, a proposed budget, correspondence and notices of meetings.

Stanstead County histories

The file consists of historical notes written by Elvyn M. Baldwin; general historical notes; a history of the stores and businesses in Baldwin's Mill; history of Barnston and historical notes on Barnston by Sarah Buckland; a speech on the history of Stanstead County given by Dr. Shurtleff; correspondence; a history of the Pinnacle Belle; a transcript of letter by Charles W. Belknap on Baldwin's Mills; a collection of historical notes on the Baldwin genealogy and regional history, probaby written by Harold F. Baldwin; a copy of a newspaper article on Dixville history; notes from the book Representative Canadians including names of Coaticook residents; a text by Eleanor Cooper Baldwin describing the journey from Stanstead to Baldwin's Mills (1962).

Lake Lyster

The file consists of correspondence regarding the name of Lake Lyster and the consideration of other names such as Lake Lester.


The file contains primary source information on Protestant churches in Barnston Township from 1896 to 1989. It consists of two copies of burial records for Lewis S. Pond and Avilla (Lee) Pond Brady from the Coaticook Methodist Circuit; the location of the Methodist cemetery in Barnston; a paper on Methodism in Barnston Township; notes on family church attendance written by Elvyn M. Baldwin; a list of Methodist churches in the Montreal Conference; a newspaper clipping and pamphlet from the centennial anniversary of the Baldwin's Mills United Church; a lot plan of Barnston Methodist Church; a property report for the Barntson Methodist Church; a Treasurer's book for the Baldwin's Mills Baptist Church; a copy of the a baptismal record for Clara Emma May and a reticification to the register for members of the May family, photograph copies of a portion of the Baldwin's Mills Baptist Church minute book; a program from the Coaticook Baptist Church and one from the United and Baptist Church of Baldwin's Mills; and a Baldwin's Mills Baptist Church envelope.

Lists of electors

The file contains primary source information on the electors for Baldwin's Mills and Barnston in the first half of the 20th century. It consists of six lists of electors for Baldwin's Mills and Barnston, including names, professions and range numbers. It also contains a Statement of Changes and Additions made by the Rural Enumerator in the Preliminary List of Electors, noting no changes in November 1934, signed by Cecil W. May.

Baldwin's Mills recreation

The file contains primary source information on recreation in the Baldwin's Mills area from about the 1960s to about the 1980s. It consists of a flyer for a camping lodge on Lake Lyster; the rules and regulations for the Pinnacle Resort Community Property Owners Association; a membership card for the Pinnacle Club and a map of its boundries; the by-laws and charter for the Baldwin Recreation Centre; and minutes of the meeting of the Baldwin Recreation Centre Inc. held July 9, 1962.

Pinnacle Holdings Inc.

The file contains primary source information regarding Pinnacle Holdings Inc. from 1965 to 1970 and from 1994 to 2002. It consists of correspondence, documents regarding land transactions, insurance documents, a land valuation, a list of shareholders, a market value analysis, an appraisal report, a Simple Management Plan for Private Woodlots, a summary of land evaluations around Lake Lyster, and correspondence between shareholders.

Barnston roads

The file contains primary source information regarding the creation and maintenance of roads in Barnston from 1927 to 1966. It consists of the annual report of the Commissioner of Highways for 1927-1928; a copy of a resolution to pursue the building of a new road that was rejected by the Barnston Council in 1928; correspondence between Harold Ferrin Baldwin, Philippe Bourque, Alf. Bissonnet, Mr. Chamberlain, and Remi Ouimette regarding roads; a receipt from the Town of Barnston to John Slater for damage to the road leading to his farm (1929); a list of subscribers for the extension of a government road to Charles Morin's in Barnston Township for 1931; a receipt from Harold F. Baldwin to H.S. Bacon for road work (1932); a winter road tax roll; a list of subscribers for the extension of a government road from the Aldrich farm towards Baldwin's Mills; a letter from Imperial Oil donating 25 gallons of gasoline to the Barnston-Baldwin's Mills Winter Road Association (1950); and authorizations from Harold Ferrin Baldwin and Ruth May Baldwin to allow the Roads Department of the Province of Quebec to perform work on Chemin des Chalets in Baldwin's Mills.

Égouts Lac Lyster

The file consists of correspondence and surverys regarding water quality, erosion and sewers around Lake Lyster from 1993 to 1994.

Helen Wilma (Kielgas) Brekke Moore

The file consists of photographs of Helen Wilma Kielgas around the 1910s and 1920s. It includes one photograph of Helen and a young woman named Dorothy, taken in Milwaukee on June 25, 1922. It also includes a photograph that may not be Helen but strongly resembles her, which was taken on March 8, 1917 in Loring Park, Minneapolis.

Barnston Cemeteries

The file consists of two receipts for cemetery lots at the Baldwin's Mills Cemetery for W. K. Baldwin and John P. Baldwin from 1888 and correspondence and a financial report from the Barnston Heritage Cemetery Association from about 1997.

Other people

The file consists of photographs of the following people: Marjory Davis, Mrs. Gladwin, Louise Draper, Harold Draper, Mildred Draper, Pauline Dilley, Warren H. Rummey, Peter Racicot, Myrtie Bell Hartwell Rummey, Raymond Rummey, Perry Haskell, Henry A. Haskell, Esther Williams Stevens, Eva Boyd, Minnie Hyles(?), Betty May Ladd, Gerald Gibbons; Janet, Charles, Priscilla and Laurel Park; John, Bertha and Carol Gibbons; Charles, Mona, Jamie, Wardie Bachelder; Bernie, Rosie and George; Jim Crook; Rufus A. Baldwin and Wright Allison Baldwin; George, Loella, and [Came.?]; Stephen Mead (uncertain); Sharon Lee [Anne?]; Alice Cleveland Neil; Jane Baker; Adam Goldie; Mr. and Mrs. Walter [K.] Molson; Myra Sutton; a 1923 group photograph of Dr. Ball, Mr. Curtis, Col. Nelson, Mr. Telford, Mr. Thompson, Mr. McIntosh, Mr. Carson, Mr. Davis, L. Webster, A. Dawson, Mr. McFadyen, Mr. Stevens, Dr. Reed, Mr. Mick and Mr. Duboyce; three photographs of Harold F. Baldwin’s workmates at the C.P.R. Survey Camps in Alberta and British Columbia; a photograph identified as the Ross wedding anniversary; and a photograph of a young girl with inscription “Merry Christmas / Neil Johnston” on the verso. It also includes two school photos of the Baldwin's Mills school and other that is unidentified. The following individuals are identified: Ruth May, N. Washburn, Nelson Washburn, Loretta Markell, Annie Hammon, Stanley Lyon, Myrtie Washburn, Grace Washburn, Viola Washburn, Ethel Markwell, Evelyn Washburn, Dermont Markwell, Blanche Sullivan, Doris Markwell, Maurice Hebert, Iris Champagne, Lester Baldwin, Velda Lyons-Patterson, Mrs. Gallup, Roland Blake, Kevin Belknap and Marjorie Belknap. Lastly the file includes a photograph of the Stanstead College Football 1939-1940 team, including: R. Perkins, R. McIntosh, J. Poaps, J. Gagnon, D. Jack, H. Astle, E.C. Amaron, F. Clark, S. Abbott, H. Rollit, J. Gordon, G. Roberts, R. Weir, D.J. McClintock, A. Garbarino, R. Kelley, D. Maitland, C. Balfry, W. Gould, P. Waterman, and K. Jenkins.

Margaret Sutton

The file consists of photographs of Margaret Sutton between approximately the 1880s and the 1910s. Included among the photographs is one of Margaret in a nurse's uniform, a few studio portraits and a few taken outdoors.

Unidentified people

The file consists of unidentified photographs taken between approximately the 1880s and the 1980s, which includes a number of studio portraits and outdoor photographs.

Sam and Liz Munro

The file consists of outdoor photographs of Sam and/or Liz Munro taken between approximately the 1910s and 1969. Included among the photographs is one of Liz Munro with Rose May.

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