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Men at Camp Laze Massawippi

This item is a photograph of men at Camp Laze, Massawippi. From left to right Arthur Spafford, Percy Scarth, Ned Henry and Arthur Speid.

Group at Lennoxville Camp

This item is a photograph of a group at Lennoxville Camp in July 1887. C.S. White - Centre front, hat on back of head, next to him, Arthur Abbott. Mary Abbott McKindsey, aunt Bess (Oughtred) Abbott, Caroline (Abbott) White (mrs. C.S.) rt of aunt Bess, white (v collar). Front row, 2nd from right- aunt Margaret Abbott. Centre, holding fan, Mabel Wilder Puffer and husband. Jennie Abbott (with child on lap- Douglas?) Lewis Abbott, in front of Bess (with mustache). Uncle Will, centre back row with hat?

Group of person on a boat

This item is a photograph of a group of person on a boat in 1885. Front row: 1. Mary Abbot McKindsey, 2. missing, 3. Margaret Abbot, 4. missing, 5. Mabel Wilder Puffer. Second row: 1. Caroline White, 2. Ida White, 3. missing, 4. missing, 5. Mr. Puffer, 6. Arthur Abbot, 7. missing, 8. missing. Back row: C.S. White and Bert McKindsey.

Ned Henry and Arthur Speid

This item is a photograph of Ned Henry and Arthur Speid in Crestmobile in front of George Henry's Shop in the Square in Lennoxville during the summer of 1902.

Toboggan club

This item is a photograph of the Toboggan Club in 1885. Back row: Charles White; Caroline Abbott White; missing; Margaret Abbott. Centre: Mary Abbott McKindsey (in fur neckpiece); Arthur Abbott. To left of her, Mabel Wilder Puffer (hat with tassel)/ Mr. Puffer, 3nd from left, front.

Play Old Cronies

This item is a photograph of two men acting ''Old Cronies'' in 1902. Orson Rublee (on the left) and Arthur Speid (on the right).

John Bird's house

This item is a photograph of John Bird's house at the top of Church street. There is the spine of the old Catholic church and the spine of United Church located at the foot of Church street. Bishop's University is in the background.

Sherbrooke Street Railway company

This item is a photograph of a tram wagon of Sherbrooke Street Railway co in Lennoxville. The College House is in the background. The picture was taken in the 1890's.

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