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Pagé Family Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS1068 · Fonds · ca. 1880-2003

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source information about the Pagé family, originally from Quebec City, who came to live in the Eastern Townships through Louis Gustave Pagé (1856-1948) and Élise Gingras (1854-1894). They had six children: two daughters and four sons. Henri-Arthur Pagé (1887-1929) and his wife Catherine Moquin (1890-1990) setlled in Knowlton, along with the youngest son Ernest Pagé (1894-1978), who became a well-known commercial printer after buying the business of Henry F. Smith in Knowlton. The fonds include documents and photographs inserted in a big photo album that was created by the children of Jean-Paul Pagé, son of Henri-Arthur, and Madeleine Vézina. It contains four generations of portraits of the Pagé Family and some documents about André Pagé, who was a missionary in Africa.

Josiah Pratt fonds
CA BCHS BCHS105 · Fonds · 1827-10-22 to 1827-12-14

The fonds consists of a statement of James Gillin before Jacob Cook, J.P, dated October 22, 1827, at Brome, a statement of Abijah Willard before Samuel Willard, J.P., dated December 1, 1827, at Shefford, a bailiff's warrant and discharge warrant, dated December 14, 1827, at Brome, and a letter to Samuel Willard, J.P., from Jacob Cook, J.P., dated December 14, 1827, at Brome.

Pratt, Josiah
Wheeler family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS1035 · Fonds · 1843-1979

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Wheeler family, starting with Austin Wheeler (1797-1866), married to Charlotte Sopia Knowlton (1806-1831) and Charlotte Miller (1815-1846). It includes personal documents, land transactions, financial documents and secondary source genealogical information. There are also many documents related directly to Julia Wheeler (1875-1962), daughter of Thomas Wood Wheeler (1830-1919) and Anna Duboyce (1833-1910), including correspondence and her poetry, and an audio cassette of an interview with Rhoda Wheeler Northrup entitled 'Mother Reminiscing about Aunt Julia'. The photographs depicts some of the Wheeler family, and a photo album owned by Rhoda Wheeler Northrup. An addition was made in 2023 consisting of 2.0 cm of textual records about the piece of land where the Wheeler homestead is located in Knowlton, and documents about successions and estates involving Thomas Wood Wheeler.

Williams family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS1028 · Fonds · [ca. 1860]-1973

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Williams family. The fonds contains the following series: Williams - Marriage Invitation for the Wedding of Laura Pearle and Mr. Maurice Bartlett Williams (1919); William's of Frost Village and Knowlton; William's of Sweetsburg and East Farnham; William's of Shefford, Fulford and Foster; John Sewell Williams Pedigree Chart; William's of Foster; and Williams - Foster Post Office (approx. 32 textual records).

CA BCHS BCHS102 · Fonds · 1783-1886

The fonds contains primary source information regarding James Pettes and his son James Nelson Pettes, including Deeds, Last Will and Testament and agreements.

Pettes, James Nelson
Jesse Pennoyer fonds
CA BCHS BCHS101 · Fonds · 1798-05-23; 1808; 1840-07-06; 1981

The fonds consists of a photostat copy of a letter to Nathaniel Coffin, concerning settlement in the Townships, dated May 23, 1798, a letter to Mr. Vaughan regarding cleaning the outlet of Brompton Lake dated July 6, 1840 and three newspaper articles on the activities of Jesse Pennoyer and his account of military events in 1813.
Also, a printed notice, dated December 15, 1808 - Executive Council Office Quebec by His Excellency, the Governor to all Applicants petitioning for grants of Waste Lands of the Crown should go before the commissioners appointed for the purpose and take the Oaths requested by His Majesty's instruction and receive the Certificate of having so clone - twenty-five commissioners are named for Lower Canada and among those listed we find:Henry Ruiter of Potton; Philip Ruiter of Missisquoi Bay; Philip Luke of Missisquoi Bay; Calvin May of Missisquoi Bay; Jesse Pennoyer of Compton; Patrick Conroy of Compton; Leon Lalanne of Shefford; and Gilbert Hyatt of Ascot.
Also, a printed notice - A Proclamation by His Excellency Sir J.H. Craig, Gov. of L.C., strictly forbidding all persons from cutting down the White Pines, or other Timber reserved for His Majesty's use within the Townships.
Finally, a letter from Paul Darisse, regarding the service de l'arpentage, written in reply to one from Marion Phelps, B.C.H.S., Knowlton asking for information on Jesse Pennoyer -in which he encloses a copy of a list from a notebook relative to surveys for the Crown Lands listing Townships or Lands surveyed by Jesse Pennoyer, dated April 2, 1981 at Quebec.

Pennoyer, Jesse
Michael Pearson fonds
CA BCHS BCHS100 · Fonds · 1832-12-07, 1837-05-31

The fonds consists of a marriage certificate of Michael Pearson and Mary Ann Townsend dated December 7, 1832 at St. Paul, Yamaska Mountain, a burial certificate of Dr. Michael Pearson dated May 31, 1837 and six letters between members of the Pearson and Townsend families, dated May 31, 1837.

Pearson, Michael
William Patterson Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS099 · Fonds · 1774-1776

The fonds consists of an appointment as surgeon of His Majesty's Sloop Hunter, dated February 8, 1774, at London, a letter from Oliver Foulmon regarding navy affairs, torn, dated March 16, 1774, at London, a letter from his brother John regarding family news, dated May 28, 1775, at Hangheads, an Appointment as surgeon of His Majesty's Armed Ship the Lord Howe, on board His Majesty's Ship Isis, dated May 13, 1776, and a letter from his brother John regarding family news, dated August 27, 1776, at Hangheads.

Patterson, William
Thomas Patten fonds
CA BCHS BCHS098 · Fonds · 1837-1844

The fonds consists of legal transactions involving Thomas Patten, for parts of land in West Brome.

Patten, Thomas
Willard Parker Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS096 · Fonds · 1816, 1820-01-09

The fonds consists of a deed from Jesse Hughes to Willard Parker, part of Lot No. 7, Range 5, in the Township of Compton, as well as an order to deliver boards dated January 9, 1820 at Stukely.

Parker, Willard
Roswell Olcott Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS095 · Fonds · 1789 - 1859

The fonds contains primary source information regarding Rosewell Olcott, including a Bachelor's of Arts diploma, summons and agreements.

Olcott, Roswell
Isaac Ogden fonds
CA BCHS BCHS094 · Fonds · [copy] 1800-10-15

The fonds consists of a copy of a letter from Samuel Willard re patents for the Townships of Stanstead and Stukely dated October 15, 1800 at Stukely.

Ogden, Isaac
Artimas Newton fonds
CA BCHS BCHS093 · Fonds · 1833/03/30, 1838/10/22

The fonds consists of an order to Abijah Willard for $5.75 dated March 30, 1833 at Shefford, as well as an order to pay Dr. Sewell Foster fifty dollars in neat stock dated October 22, 1838 at Stukely.

Newton, Artimas
Nash Family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS092 · Fonds · 1795-1842

The fonds consists of primary source documents relating to the Nash family of Brattleboro, Vt, who came to live in Brome County. It includes documents relating to Ephraim Nash (1754-1816), married to Hannah Wells; their son Alfred Nash (1793-1861), married to Lucinda Knowlton Willard (daughter of Samuel Willard); and their son Ephraim Nash (1820-1851), married to Harriet Parker. Ephraim Nash and his grandson were official surveyor for the East Farnham region.

Alexander McKinne fonds
CA BCHS BCHS091 · Fonds · 1820-06-16

The fonds consists of a certificate as Sergeant in the 4th Battalion of the Townships Militia dated June 16, 1820 at St. Armand.

McKinne, Alexander
John McCorkill fonds
CA BCHS BCHS090 · Fonds · 1822

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding John McCorkill, including notarial copies of Deeds and a copy of an Inventory of Property.

McCorkill, John
J. S. McCord fonds
CA BCHS BCHS089 · Fonds · 1827-11-01

The fonds consists of copies of three letters from Samuel Willard concerning the state of his affairs and sheriff's sale dated November 1, 1827 at Shefford.

McCord, J. S.
Thomas Moffatt Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS088 · Fonds · 1855 - 1879

The fonds contains primary source information regarding Thomas Moffatt, including Deeds, a subpoena and a bill of court.

Moffatt, Thomas
Irwin Moffatt fonds
CA BCHS BCHS087 · Fonds · 1832-1858

The fonds consists of a character recommendation, County Tyrone, Ireland, dated April 12, 1832, at Batlony, a Deed from Pierce Waterman to Irwin Moffatt and James Beattie, dated March 29, 1837, at Sutton, an account of J. Carpenter & Sons, dated December 2, 1841, and a Deed from James Beattie to Irwin Moffatt, dated March 17, 1858 at Sutton.

Moffatt, Irwin
Ebenezer Marvin fonds
CA BCHS BCHS086 · Fonds · 1791-09, 1798-09-25

The fonds consists of a record of court costs, dated September, 1791 at St. Albans as well as a letter from Samuel Willard concerning legal papers, dated September 25, 1798 at Sheldon.

Marvin, Ebenezer
Nelson Martin fonds
CA BCHS BCHS085 · Fonds · 1813

The fonds contains a family record of Nelson Martin and a birth certificate of Nelson Keene Martin.

Martin, Nelson
Cone B. Martin fonds
CA BCHS BCHS084 · Fonds · 1871/04/01

The fonds consists of a deed from Cone B. Martin to Andrew Blake, dated April 1, 1871 at Waterloo.

Martin, Cone B.
CA BCHS BCHS083 · Fonds

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding Hon. William Warren Lynch, including legal documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings at the time of W.W. Lynch's death in 1916.

Lynch, William Warren
Ephraim Libby fonds
CA BCHS BCHS082 · Fonds · 1796

The fonds consists of a family record of Ephraim Libby from 1796.

Libby, Ephraim
Ezekial Lewis fonds
CA BCHS BCHS081 · Fonds · 1810/07/03

The fonds consists of a Deed from Frederick Kellogg to Ezekial Lewis, Lot. No. 19, Range 4, Township of Shefford, dated July 3, 1810 at Shefford.

Lewis, Ezekial
F. and R. Leonard fonds
CA BCHS BCHS080 · Fonds · [copy] 1825-1830

The fonds consists of copies of thirty-four letters written by Abijah Willard, merchant at Shefford and Stukely, to a wholesale firm in Montreal.

Leonard, F. and R.
Amos Lay fonds
CA BCHS BCHS078 · Fonds · [copy] 1801-08-16

The fonds consists of a copy of a letter from Samuel Willard, with reference to settlement in the Township of Ely, dated August 16, 1801 at Stukely.

Lay, Amos
Isaac Lawrence fonds
CA BCHS BCHS077 · Fonds · 1803 - 1826

The fonds contains primary source information regarding Isaac Lawrence, including contracts, agreements and complaints.

Lawrence, Isaac
Isaac Kimball fonds
CA BCHS BCHS076 · Fonds · 1830-05-05

The fonds consists of a complaint of Isaac Kimball before Samuel Willard, J.P., dated May 5, 1830 at Stukely.

Kimball, Isaac
Isaac Keys fonds
CA BCHS BCHS075 · Fonds

The fonds contains notes on the Keys family.

Keys, Isaac