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Charles and Ann Boright

Portrait of Charles and Ann [Hoskins] Boright, taken by an unidentified photographer, reproduced on a negative.

Percy Boright

Portrait of young men with Percy Boright (second from right, back row).

Borights in Waterloo

Photo of Boright family members, taken in front of Percy Boright's home in Waterloo. Left is Mr. and Mrs. Percy Boright; their sons Ralph and Robert are behind them. Miss Emma Boright and Mrs. Eunice Boright Bridge are beside them.

Diary of a Canadian Teacher

The file consists of the diary of a young teacher named Mabel during the time of the settlements in the Eastern Townships. The diary is titled "Leaves from the Diary of a Canadian Teacher in 1836". It follows the twelve weeks period in which Mabel travels to a town or village to be a teacher (maybe Bondville, Knowlton). It contains information on everyday life, such as the way the houses were built in that area, the accommodations where Mabel was boarding, the type of food she ate and the way religion was celebrated and perceived by some. The author also gives information on many families such as the Furniss', the Burtons, the Carnes, the Murrays and the Wests. She also speaks of a Mr. Gardner, who is later arrested and thrown in the Sherbrooke jail and of a "brother Clifton" who owns a small grist mill. There is also a passage on the economy of the region, in which Mabel explains the process of making "Salts" (a.k.a. potash and pearlash). She mentions some of her students and their academic background, but all in all, there is little information on school life.

Ebenezer Southmayd

Item is a photograph of Ebenezer Southmayd, first Postmaster of Barnston/Dixville, Que. (Now known as Ways Mills, Que.). Photograph by M.D. Kilburn.

Sarah Orchard Edwards

The item is a photograph of Sarah Orchard Edwards, wife of Thomas Edwards in the winter of the year 1875. The portrait was taken by W. Sayer, 193 St. Peter Street, Montreal. Sarah Orchard Edwards was a dressmaker in Montreal. Sister of Philip Orchard and aunt to Agnes and Sarah Caroline.

Ridgeway Halbrook

Item consists of photograph of the Ridgeway Holbrook, included in the photograph are: Mrs. H.L. Wentworth, Mabel Barrows, Bessie Holbrook, Sidney Clapp, Miss French, Mr. Holbrook, Janet Hayes, Mrs. Holbrook, Virginia Holbrook, S.J. Burrows, W.B. Burrows, S.A. Siebker and Miss Edwards.

G.F. Bowen and children

The item is a photograph of G.F. Bowen and his children, probably taken in Sherbrooke, from around the 1880s. Pictured are (left to right): Jessie Bowen Hunt, Francis A. Bowen (standing), Cecil H. Bowen, George F. Bowen, and Frederick W.W. Bowen.

Harold Bruce Fletcher

Item is a photograph of Harold Bruce Fletcher. (To see a promotion certificate as 2nd lieutenant, see P244-006-003 in Box F-44)

Famille inconnnue

La pièce est une photographie d’une famille inconnue devant une maison, avec une femme, un homme, cinq enfants et un chien. Une voie double du chemin de fer est visible à l’arrière-plan. Peut-être anciennement la ferme Boutin. Photographié par Fred W. Bassett.

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