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Quebec Sub-series Military
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The subseries contains primary and secondary source information on the personal, professional, and military lives of the Naylor family in Missisquoi County and in Manitoba from 1862 to 1992. It consists primarily of correspondence, photographs, biographical notes, family tree research, newspaper clippings, and land deeds pertaining to various members of the Naylor family. The subseries is comprised of the following files: Family research (1911[copied]-1990), Business affairs ([187-?]-[1975]), Property (1862-1921[photocopied]), Agnes A. Naylor (1911-1930), Benjamin V. Naylor (1874-1919), Donald B. Naylor (1914-1992), Elizabeth Bessie Naylor ([190-?]-1960), George B. Naylor (1901-1985), Grace A. Naylor (1902-1959), Herbert V. Naylor (1913-1917, 1987), Rev. William H. Naylor (1910-1990), Other Naylor Photographs ([186-?]-1929), and Boats and Shipping ([187-?]-[191-?]).

Professional life

The sub-series contains primary source material on the professional activities of Herbert Derick from 1941 to 1993. It consists of correspondence, legal documents, a scrapbook . The sub-series is comprised of the followings files; Department of Immigration (1948-1959), Southern Canada Power Co. Ltd. (1947-1963), Industrial Commissioners Association ([196-?]-1969), Royal Canadian Air Force ([1941?]-1993), Royal Canadian Air Force Association Legion (1949-1972), Political involvement (1984-1986), Property (1956-1991), Scrapbooks ([196-?]-[198-?]), Department of Industry and Commerce (1963-1980), Education (1935), Correspondence-general (1956-1968, 1991), Curriculum vitae (1960).

William Derick II

The sub-series contains information on the property and military life of William Derick II in Noyan from 1847 to 1852. It consists of copies and original land transactions between William Derick II, Joseph Swan, and Gabriel Christie; and military appointment certificates for the Battalion of Rouville Militia.

Derick, William II (1805-1890)

Gerald V. Derick

The sub-series contains primary source information on the military life Gerald V. Derick, who served in World War II (WWII), from 1942 to 1948. It consists of correspondence from Gerald to Betty Derick, an Officer's Record of Service, a certificate of service, discharge and retirement documents.

Conrad Derick

The sub-series contains primary and secondary source information on the life of Conrade/Conrad Derick in Noyan, Quebec from 1795 to about the 1980s. It consists of land transactions, business and personal correspondence, military and professional appointments, receipts, and biographical history notes.

Derick, Conrade (1774-1842)

Earle Hall

The subseries contains information on the personal; professional and military life of Lt- Col. Earle P. Hall from 1939 to 1967. It consists of photographs; programmes; a cup; and a ribbon.

Hall, Earle Parsons (1907-1993)