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Sherbrooke (Quebec) Sports, recreation and leisure
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Sherbrooke Snow Shoe Club fonds

  • CA ETRC P150
  • Fonds
  • 1877-2004

The fonds contains source material on the constitution, administration, events, activities and membership of the Sherbrooke Snow Shoe Club from 1877 to 2004. It consists of constitution, by-laws, minutes, financial and accounting records, correspondence, membership records, news clippings, programs, songs and poems. Most of the material mentioned above is contained in the minute books for the first 84 years. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Administration (1877-2004), Events and Activities (1893-2004), Membership (1877-1969), and Miscellaneous Documents (1879-1994), Artefacts (1913-1993), Photographs ([188-?]-1996).

Sherbrooke Snow Shoe Club (Sherbrooke, Que.)

St-Patrick's Academy Tennis Club

Item is a photograph of the St-Patrick's Academy Tennis Club located on Belvédère / Belvidere Street (opposite to the Old C.P.R Station and Freight Sheds near Marquette). From left to right: 1. Cecile Cabana; 2. ?; 3.?; 4. Betty Steele (Hooper); 5. Harold Enright; 6. Robeta Tobin; 7. Clifford Wolf; 8. Leonard Wolfe; 9. Evelyn Veillieux; 10. ?; 11. Lillian Davis; 12. ?; 13. ?; 14. Beth McKleown; 15. Gregg O'Boyle; 16. Brother Calaham; 17. ... McCabe?; 18. ... Kenalty?; 19. Evelyn (Ebby) Murray; 20. ... Mulvena; 21. Emmett Wolfe; 22. Patrick Slattery; 23. Louise Veilleux; 24. Thomas Bonner; 25. Patrick Timmins; 26. Tyron Dion; 27. ?; 28. Yvonne Cabana; 29. Lucille Cabana; 30. Romeo Lemay; 31. ?; 32. Leslie Waite; 33. Andrea Codere; 34. ona McKeown; 35. ?;36. ?. Picture taken in 1924/25.

Judo at the YMCA

Item is a photograph of a judo fight happening at the YMCA. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA.

Sherbrooke Ski Club 1922-23

Item is a photograph of members of the Sherbrooke Ski Club. From left to right: 1. Jordan Ransehousan; 2. George Stevenson; 3. Fred Sangster? L. Reed?; 4. Donald Stewart Patterson; 5. Frank Grundy; 6. Audrey McKecknie; 7. Russ Morgan; 8. Muriel Parkers; 9. Ned Lawrence; 10. Dorothy Joslin; 11.Gwen Reid; 12. Evans Joslin; 13. Philip robins; 14.Fred Raphey; 15. Romeo Therrien?; 16. Aileen Griffith; 17. Kieth Scrimgeour ?; 18. Everett Conley; 19. Florence Bryant Wark; 20. Clarence Hawkins; 21. Morris Loonie; 22. Eileen Hawkins; 23. Alfred Penhale; 24. Archie ?; 25. Ashford Stewart; 26. Eileen Griffith-Pearson; 27. ?; 28. Kennen Jenckes; 29. Kathlyn (Lebaron) Jenckes; 30. Della Bryant; 31. Hazel Griffth; 32. Cecilia S. Fontaine; 33. ?; 34. ?; 35. Retha Shea?; 36. Keith Scrimgeour?; 37. Fergus Dinning?; 38. Neil Dinning; 39. Marion MacDonald; 40.Stewart MacDonald; 41. Malcolm Mitchell; 42. James Mitchell; 43. Larry McGannon?; 44. Fred Dakin; 45. Marjorie Palmer; 46. Fred Briggs; 47. ?; 48. Ella Newton; 49. Sybil Newton; 50. Robert Newton; 51. Steve Newton; 52. ?; 53.Cuthbert Sommers; 54.Albert Reid; 55.Marjorie Hibbard; 56. Tom Delany; 57. Reginald Newton (son of Steve Newton).

St-Patrick's Jr. Hockey Team

Item is a photograph of the St-Patrick's Jr. Hockey Team during the season of 1923-24. Standing: T. Redmond, Manager; A. Dupil, Defense; C. Gordon, Forward; P. Gain, Forward; T. Molyneux. Sitting: M. Cloutier, Forward; B. Kenalty, Goal; L. Gain, Forward. On the floor: Earl Hall, Defense; H. Gordon, Forward.

Man Doing an Handstand

Item is a photograph of a man doing a handstand at the gym. Free weights can be seen on the side. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA.

Clown on a horizontal bar

Item is a photograph of a clown performing on a high bar during the YMCA's Annual Gym Demonstration in 1949. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA.

Champions E.T. League 1911

Item is a photomontage of the Sherbrooke YMCA Basketball team, which were the champions of the Eastern Township League in 1911. From top to bottom, left to right: W.S. Marguire (Phy. Dir); J.E. Smith (Pres.); C.E. Reid (Sec'y); H.B. Johnston; R.C. Tate; J. Holt; H.G. Tate (Capt.); J.W. Dresser; R.W. Hover; H.B Miller; H.B. Edney; G.M. Wiggett and E.C. Kerr. Photographer: Johnston photo

Tug of War

Item is a photograph of a tug of war competition organized at the YMCA. Some clowns can be seen participating to the contest. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA.

Parallel Bar Gymnastics Show

Item is a photograph of a young man performing at the parallel bar in front of an audience at a gymnastics show. The photograph also contains information on the interior of the YMCA. Some spectators can be seen drinking a soft drink. (Pop, Soda)

Martial Art Combat

Item is a photograph of two man during a martial art combat. The photograph also contains information on the interieur of the YMCA. Photographer: Gerry Lemay (Sherbrooke, Que.)

Softball "Y" team

Item is a photograph of the "Y" team of softball. Standing: ?;?; G. Bennett (Coach); B. Linds; ?. Kneeling: C. Sutton; ?; ?; T. Ryan.

Shebrooke Centenary Planter

Item is a photograph of a planter put in placed for the centenary of Sherbrooke in 1937. The planter reads "1837-1937 Sherbrooke" and was located on King Ouest Street. The War memorial can be seen in the back.

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