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Amanda McLaughlin

Photo of an elderly woman identified as Amanda McLaughlin, seated in a big chair with a dog beside her. The chair was put directly on the grass outside.

Unidentified woman

Studio portrait of an unidentified woman with a ruffled yoke dress. The bust portrait was taken by Sally E. Wood in Knowlton.

"Kilda Vee"

Photo of "Kilda Vee", a house near Southend, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland, birthplace of James McLachlan in 1792, and of his son, James McLaughlin, born in 1820. There are many details at the back of the photo. The front side as a "Merry Christmas" inscription, and it is signed by James McLaughlin Martin and Wells Martin.

Mary Perry

Studio portrait of Mary Perry, who came to Knowlton as a home child and lived with the McLaughlin family, taken by J.E. Ethier, photographer of Waterloo.

Sam Windle

Studio portrait of Sam Windle, who came to Knowlton as a home child, and lived with the McLaughlin, taken by Lewis, photographer of North Troy, Vermont.

Haying at Argyll Farm

Photo of James McLaughlin and his three sons William, Arthur and Frank, helping get the hay in the barn. Arthur, James (the father) and William are standing in front of a two-horse hay wagon, while Frank is up on the hay load.

Mary Jane Stuart McLaughlin

Studio portrait of Mary Jane Stuart, wife of James McLaughlin, taken by Hargrave Portraits Studio in New York. The woman is seated on a big wood chair, with a book and glasses on her lap.

James McLaughlin with his three sons

Photo of James McLaughlin (2nd from left) with his three sons William (white shirt, no hat), Arthur and Frank, taken outside beside an fence on Argyll Farm, West Bolton. The men are holding scythes.

M. James McLaughlin et son grand Bi

The document is an invitation to a little exhibit at Vittie House in Granby, with a reproduction of the 1887 studio portrait of James Albert McLaughlin with his big bicycle. The invitation is written in French and is as follows:
"L'Équipe des Pistes Cyclables vous invite à l'ouverture officielle de l'exposition HISTOIRE DE LA BICYCLETTE. Samedi le 3 juin à 17 hre à la Maison Vittie, 66 rue Dufferin Granby... l'exposition se tiendra jusqu'au 30 juin [1978].

Clarence McLaughlin and Jennie Butler

Studio portrait of Clarence McLaughlin and his wife Jennie Butler, taken by an unidentified photographer. Clarence is seated on a big rattan chair, with Jennie standing beside him, with her right arm resting on his shoulder.