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MacRae-Gallagher family

The file consists of source material on the McRae-Gallagher family. It contains mostly family history, genealogical information, family trees, and newspaper clippings. The file includes 5 photographs, as well as reproductions of photographs.

Portrait of Sally E. Wood in Winter Outfit

Glass negative of Sally E. Wood wearing winter attire: a fancy hat, a coat, a fur-trimmed scarf and muff. The woman seems to be Sally Wood. This is presumably a self-portrait.

Lydia Sawyer fonds

  • CA ETRC P081
  • Fonds
  • 1825-1883

The fonds contains source material on the daily life of Lydia Sawyer from 1855 to 1883 and on the activities of the members of her immediate family, notably her husband Thomas Kirton Oughtred; her brother-in-law Robinson Oughtred; and her daughters Susan and Harriet. The fonds consists of her personal diary dating from 1855 to 1883; the contract for her second marriage; documents relating to Thomas Kirton Oughtred's activities as a private land agent, his work as a teacher at the School Royal Foundation in the Township of Eaton, and his last will and testament; and documents concerning Susan and Harriet. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Lydia Sawyer (1852-1883), Thomas Kirton Oughtred (1825-1838), Susan Oughtred (1852-1853), Harriet Oughtred (1852), and Robinson Oughtred (1849).

Sawyer, Lydia, 1803 or 1804-1883

Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment

The file contains information on the Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment. It consists of an issue of "Checkers!", the regiment's newsletter (dated 30 August 1945) and documents (including a plan) regarding the design of a commemorative plaque.

Military Camp Sherbrooke P.Q.

The item is a postcard showing soldiers on horseback during a militia camp in Sherbrooke from 1907. Message on verso to Emma Harran (Moe's River) from L.F.S. Postcard printed by Pinnsoneault Fr�res.

Officers of the Main Guard

The item is a photograph postcard showing soldiers of the "Main Guard", possibly in Coaticook, ca. 1910, with tents visible in the background and one officer is holding a bugle. Message on verso to Ruth Dyson (Montreal, QC) from Roy [unknown], who identified himself as a Corporal in the photograph. Photographer: J.E. Larivi�re (Coaticook, Que.)

Methodist Ladies' Aid Members

The item is a photograph of the members of the Methodist Ladies' Aid of Trinity Methodist (later United) Church in Sherbrooke in 1886-1887. Top row left to right: Mrs. R.E. Bradley, Mrs. (Dr.) Spencer, Mrs. W.S. Dresser 1st, Mrs. W.R. Bradley, Mrs. B.C. Howard and Mrs. George Long.
Second row left to right: Mrs. Clark Gordon, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Alex Hyndman (Dresser 2nd), Mrs. G.G. Bryant, Mrs. D.G. Loomis and Mrs. N. N. Walley.
Third row from left to right: Mrs. W.A. Morehouse, Mrs. Robert Johnson and Mrs. L.W. Dorvlin.

First Ladies Aid Society of the Sherbrooke Methodist Church

The item is a photograph of the members of the first Ladies Aid Society of the Sherbrooke Methodist Church. Back row: Miss Allie Loomis (Mrs. A.H. Foss), Miss Ames, Miss Mellie Bunker, president, Miss May Scofield, Miss Emma Brown. Middle row: Miss Dora Daigneau (Mrs. G.E. Hyndman), Miss Lily Bryant, Miss Jennie Woodward, Miss Jennie Elliot and Miss Dadia Gordon. Front row: Miss Sara Eddie (Mrs. Ernest Long), Miss Nellie Brown, Miss Mary Gordon (Mrs. J.W. McKee), Miss Minnie Stevens (Mrs. A.G. Campbell) and Miss Pitcher.

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