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Organizations and associations

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Sherbrooke Hospital Foundaton

  • Corporate body
  • 1973-2010

Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation was founded in 1973 with Dean R. Bishop President and Bruce D. Allanson as Vice President. The purpose of the organization was to provide financial assistance to the Sherbrooke Hospital, specifically to fund special projects and the purchase of equipment. This financial support came through the solicitation of donations, fundraising campaigns, and the management of endowments. In the first twenty-three years of the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation’s existence, the organization was able to transfer 10 million dollars to the hospital. After the Sherbrooke Hospital closed in 1996, the organization applied for additional Letters Patent in order to begin providing funding to other health care or social service organizations within Sherbrooke. The new Letters Patent lists Bruce D. Allanson as President and James E. Atto as Vice-President of the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation. In 2008 the organization distributed 5.1 million dollars, their largest amount ever, to ten health and social service related institutions. In 2010, the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation announced the voluntary dissolution of the corporation. The board came to this decision out of concern that they were now negatively impacting the fundraising of the very organizations they sought to help and a feeling that they had completed the organization’s mandate.

Milne, Henrietta Kathleen Warren, 1911-2001

  • Person
  • 1911-2001

Henrietta Kathleen Warren was born on 21 January 1911. She was the daughter of Alice Frances Rattray, known as "Kitty," born in Quebec City (14 September 1881-19 April 1968, Magog), the daughter of David Rattray and Henrietta Charlotte Ahern and Herbert Lawrence Warren, born London, Ontario (23 April 1881-19 June 1952, Cobourg, Ontario) son of Thomas Brimage Warren and Mary Martha Hamilton. Herbert and Alice had three children, all born in Montreal: Herbert Hamilton Warren (25 April 1908- 9 January 1987, Ottawa), Henrietta Kathleen (Kay), and Mary Hamilton Warren (16 February 1913- 2 July 1960, Magog).

Herbert Lawrence Warren, in partnership with Mr. Dale, founded of the Warrendale Shirt Company in 1927. He was also involved with The Montreal Quilting Company. Herbert Hamilton, his son, was Secretary Treasurer of Warrendale for most of his working life. He expanded to include the Belding-Corticelli Company, which included the factory in Coaticook, a lace factory in Ways Mills, a warehouse and a factory in St. Jean sur Richelieu. Herbert Hamilton became a director of Belding-Corticelli, Warrendale, the Montreal Quilting Company, and Iroquois Chemicals.

Henrietta Kathleen graduated from McGill University in 1932. She was married to Harry Austin Milne in 1941. She had two daughters: Catherine (b. 1946) and Jean (b. 1948), who both attended McGill.

Member of the Board since 1971, H. K. Milne became President of the Memphremagog Library in 1974 and assumed this responsibility until 1993 when it was municipalized. All those years, she worked hard to defend the interests of the library. Its growth is indeed due to her devoted work. Beyond her noteworthy role in the growth of the Memphremagog Library, her community involvement is represented through her participation in numerous other organizations and projects, such as the founding of Pinecroft Residence in Magog, Social Services Sherbrooke, the Magog District Home and School Association, the 1st Magog Company of Girl Guides, the Sherbrooke University Women's Club, and the Sherbrooke Hospital Foundation, among other things. Her significant contribution to the community was recognized in 2004 when the Municipality of Magog named a street in her honour.

She also maintained a great interest in the history of Magog and the Eastern Townships, represented by her collection of historical articles and photographs.

H. K. Milne died 5 April 2001 at Magog. She is buried in Pine Hill Cemetery.