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Angus House Hotel

The item is a photograph of the Angus House Hotel in East Angus taken around the 1890s, pictured with people on the verandah and horses and carriages visible. Possibly the Protestant school is visible in the background.

Plymouth-Trinity United Church (Sherbrooke) fonds

  • CA ETRC UC004
  • Fonds
  • 1897-2018; predominant 1971-1995

The fonds contains source material on the amalgamation of Plymouth United Church and Trinity United Church in 1971, on the management of the church, on the congregation affairs, and on the activities of its organizations and societies for the Plymouth-Trinity United Church in Sherbrooke from 1933 to 2018. It consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, newsletters, financial statements, plans, register of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, membership lists, press clippings, church histories, photographs and video tapes. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Church Boards (1933-2014), Buildings and Property (1971-1989, 1995-1997), Financial (1971-1990, 2010), Annual Reports (1972-2018), Guest Books (1975), Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials (1965-1987), Bulletins (1972-2015), Sermons (1975-1976, 1984, 1988), Membership (1972-1987), Historical (1985, 2009-2015), Newsletters (1971-2009), Organizations (1971-1994, 2015), Committees (1971-2014), Prints, Paintings, Drawings (1986), Sound Recordings and Moving Images (1985-1991), Photographs (1897-[198-?]), and Miscellaneous (1987-1989).

Plymouth-Trinity United Church (Sherbrooke, Que.)

Centenary United Church (Stanstead) fonds

  • CA ETRC UC011
  • Fonds
  • 1831-2018

The fonds contains source material on Church management, the congregation's affairs, and Church organizations for Centenary United Church in Stanstead from 1831 to 2018. It consists mainly of minutes, account books, annual reports, a calendar, and civil registers. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Church Boards (1833-2013), Buildings and Property ([186-?]-2012), Financial Resources (1864-1973), Annual Reports (1912-1981, 1997, 2003, 2006, 2008), Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials (1831-1860), Orders of Service (1919-1987), Funds ([19-]-2013), Membership (1858-2018), Historical ([After 1894]-2004), Newsletters ([Between 1931-1954]), Organizations (1902-1998), Committees (1864-1983), and Press Clippings (1923-1994).

Centenary United Church (Stanstead, Que.)

Bell Telephone Directory, 1941

Official Telephone Directory including Sherbrooke, Coaticook, Richmond, Magog, Rock Island, Thetford Mines and surrounding territory, published by Bell Telephone Company in 1941.

Bell Telephone Directory, 1936

Official Telephone Directory including Sherbrooke, Coaticook, Richmond, Magog, Rock Island, Thetford Mines and surrounding territory, published by Bell Telephone Company in 1936.

Bell Telephone Directory, 1930

Official Telephone Directory including Granby, St. John's, Sorel, Huntingdon, St. Hyacinthe, Valleyfield and surrounding territory, published by Bell Telephone Company in 1930.

Gisla Cemetery Inc. fonds

  • CA ETRC P182
  • Fonds
  • 1877-1996

The fonds contains source material on the organization, financial resources, funding activities and cemetery lots of Gisla Cemetery Inc. from 1877 to 1996. It consists of minutes, financial statements, a letters patent, a history, a newsletter, cemetery plans, correspondence, and documents pertaining to its designation as a historical site. The fonds consists of the following files: History and Letters Patent (1964, 1968, 1996), Minutes (1895-1946, 1970-1987), Correspondence (1971-1995), Financial statements (1970-1983), Funding (1970-1980), Newsletter (1977), Cemetery lots and plans ([197-?]-1979) and Immoveable Property (1877, 1913, 1925, 1967).

Gisla Cemetery Inc. (Gisla, Que.)

Bethany Presbyterian Church (Milan) fonds

  • CA ETRC PC006
  • Fonds
  • [187-?]-1989

The fonds contains source material on Church management, the congregation's affairs, and the women's organizations for the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Milan from the 1870s to 1980. It consists mainly of registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; minute books; accounting books; communion rolls; deeds; financial statements; orders of service; press clippings; and photographs. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Vital Statistics (1899-1980), Session (1897-1980), Board of Managers (1919-1980), Women's Organizations (1910-1972), Photographs ([187-?]-1980) and Miscellaneous Documents (1933-1989).

Bethany Presbyterian Church (Milan, Que.)

W. Gillies Ross fonds

  • CA ETRC P233
  • Fonds
  • 1767 [Photocopied]-2006

The fonds contains of research done by W. Gillies Ross on the following subjects: the mines at Eustis, Capelton and Albert Mines, asbestos mining at Asbestos, the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, and the Stanstead granite industry. It consists largely of research notes, research documents, photographs, and oral histories. The fonds is organized i the following series: Interviews (1944-1996), Harvard’s Baker Library Trip and Research (1887-1996), Jo Cooper (1977-1987), Newspaper Index (1971-1975), National Archive of Canada Research (1903-1921), Publications (1890-1938), Granite Project (1898-1900, 1976), Copper / Pyrite Mining Studies (1867 [Photocopied] -1996), Asbestos Mining and Landscape Research (1897 [Photocopied]-1965), Spanish Flu Research (1918 [Photocopied] -2006), Photographs (1888-1972), Maps and Plans (1767 [Photocopied] - 1979), Asbestos Mining (1950-2004), Mining Study – Correspondence (1883 [Photocopied]-2005), Book Translation (1995) and Cookshire (1979).

Ross, W. Gillies (1931-2019)

Wark family (Sherbrooke) fonds

  • CA ETRC P234
  • Fonds
  • 1911-2002

The fonds contains primary source material on the personal, professional and military lives of the Wark family in Sherbrooke between 1911 and 2002. It consists primarily of photographs and theatre programmes. The fonds is comprised of the following series: James H. Wark, Florence (Bryant) Wark, Barbara Wark, Wark theatre, Photographs, and Miscellaneous.

Minnie Hallowell Bowen fonds

  • CA ETRC P006
  • Fonds
  • [1752?]-[200-?]

The fonds contains source material mainly related to Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary writings, community and political implicatons, and personal life at the turn of the 20th century. Many of her poems relate to local events, to the world wars, and to Canadian and British politics. The fonds also provides information on the activities of Minnie's family members, including but not limited to: her husband Cecil H. Bowen, her son Lloyd H. Bowen, her daughter Rose Meredyth Bowen, Henry Bowen, Edward Bowen, Eleazar Clark, George Frederick Bowen, John Hallowell, William Bowen, Frank A. Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin Bowen, and Edward Hugh Bowen. The documents show their involvement mainly in the development of railways, in the mining industry, in the Armed Forces and Militia, in politics, in scouting, in church activities, and in social clubs and associations. Some documents are about the Fenian Raids, the Knights of Columbus, and the history of Sherbrooke.

The fonds consists of mainly manuscripts, correspondence, photocopies of press clippings, articles, publications, photographs, diaries, prospectuses, and drawings. It is comprised of the following series: Literary Works and Other Writings (1883-1941), Involvement in the Canadian Flag Issue ([1887?]-1946), Personal Life ([1863-1865]-1943), Lloyd H. Bowen (1865, 1902-1995), Cecil H. Bowen ([1866?]-1935, 1986), Other Family Members (1801-1940), and History of Sherbrooke ([1836?]-1967), Family History ([1752?-200-?]), Obituaries and Other Clippings (1836-1943, 1964-1997), Other Photographs and Graphic Material (1840-1956), Miscellaneous ([1835-1904?]).

Bowen, Minnie Hallowell (1861-1942)


The series contains information on locomotives in Kingsbury, East Angus, and Sherbrooke from around 1945 to 1959. It includes locomotives from the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Quebec Central Railway, as well as historical and technical notes on the various locomotives. Included among the views are the CPR turntable and station at Kingsbury and the QCR turntable at Sherbrooke.

Christopher Rawson fonds

  • CA BU MG006
  • Fonds
  • [18-]

The family papers of Christopher Rawson contain correspondence, pamphlets, photographs, and ephemera pertaining to Bishop's College and Quebec City in the 1860's, 1870's and early 1880's.

Rawson, Christopher

Canadian Pacific Railway line

The series contains information on the locomotives, rail cars, stations, and railway routes of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR/CP) primarily in the Eastern Townships from 1957 to 2017. It consists of photographs, which include images of a derailment in Bury in 1992. Included among the locations are: Ascot Corner, Birchton, Bromont, Bury, Cookshire, Eastman, Farnham, Gould, Huntingville, Johnville, Jordan Hill, Lachute, Lennoxville, St-Luc, Sherbrooke, Magog, Megantic, and Racey (Quebec) and Smith Falls, Chalk River, Kathmae, Welsh, and Snake River (Ontario). In addition to the CPR, included among the rail and leasing companies: Bangor & Aroostook Railroad, Amtrax, Quebec Southern Railway, Canadian American Railroad, Northern Vermont Railroad, Chemin de fer Quebec Sud, St. Laurence & Hudson Railway (St.L&H), Acadian, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, Orford Express, Central Maine & Quebec Railway, Morrison Knudsen (MK), HATX/HLCX (Helm Financial Corp.), and LLPX/GATX

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