University Art Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2008_001 Action of 5th July 1833 Item 1836
2009_020 Unknown [green coloured landscape] Item
2010_014 Cat Bird Item 19th cent.
2010_015 Carolina Pigeon or Turtle Dove Item 19th cent.
2010_020 Baltimore Oriole Item 19th cent.
2010_040 Rue Barri Item
2010_042 Historical Society Item
2010_043 Winder's House, (the grand) Item nd
2011_004 Davis' Clearing (Eastern Townships) Item 19th cent.
2011_006 Scene on the River St. Francis near Sherbrooke Item 19th cent.
2011_009 View on the frontier line, Stanstead plains (upper Canada ) Item 19th cent.
2014_005 Three Views in the Life of a Canadian Farmer, No. 1, Shanty in the bush Item 19th cent (?)
2014_006 Three Views in the Life of a Canadian Farmer, No. 2, Fifteen Years after settlement Item 19th cent. (?)
2014_030 Maison de Charles Lemoyne, Lachine Item nd
2014_031 Canadian Beaver Band Goblet Item 1880
2014_043 Près de Stanstead Item 2012
2015_003 Great Western Railway Station, Hamilton, Ontario Item nd
2015_004 Canadian Snow Plough Item 19th cent.
2015_007 Collisions Item 2015
2015_008 Mills at Sherbrooke, on the River Magog Item 19th cent.
2015_013 Sherbrooke and St. Francis River, Looking South (from drawing of Dr. G.T. Bompas) Item 19th cent.
2015_017 Blue, Green, Orange, Fluctuation-2 Item 2007
2016_020 Untitled [Landscape with house, lake and mountain] Item unknown
2016_023 John J. Audubon, self portrait at age of 37 Item 1822
2016_024 Bos Americanus/ American Bison or Buffalo Item 1845
2016_031 Didelphis Virginiana/ Virginia Opossum Item 1845
2016_034 Lynx Canadensis/ Canada Lynx Item nd
2016_037 Clouds Item nd
2016_044 Untitled [Circus] Item nd
2016_064 McGreer Hall, Divinity House and gazebo Item ca. 1995
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