University Art Collection

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1993_004 Jupiter Item 17th cent.
1993_010 Common Peafowl Item ca. 1870
1993_015 Horned Tragopan Item ca. 1870
1993_033 View of New Arts Building the Library's Walls Item 1974
1993_034 McGreer Hall and St. Mark's Chapel from the Quad Item 1974
1993_038 Centennial Theatre #2 Item 1974
1993_039 Old Gym and the John Bassett Memorial Library Item 1974
1993_046 Portrait of Reverend Jasper H. Nicolls Item 19th cent.
1993_050 Tithonus Item 1981
1993_051 Young Woman Sleeping Item 1960
1993_053 EGGHEADS! (Great idea, Boss!) Item 1977
1993_059 View across the St-Francis (View from the Principal's House) or Spring Flood, St. Francis River. Item 20th cent.
1993_069 Portrait of Chancellor R.A.E. Greenshields Item 1938
1993_084 Untitled no. 6 [woman at the window] Item 1964
1993_085 Untitled no. 3 [dancers in circle, figure in center with hat] Item 1964
1993_096 A Settler's Hut on the Frontier Item 1839
1993_100 View of the River St. Lawrence, Falls of Montmorenci, from the Island of Orleans Item 1795
1993_106 Bishop's University McGreer Hall Item 1962
1993_115 Marriage a la Mode, Plate I Item 1745
1993_119 Marriage a la Mode, Plate V Item 1745
1993_121 The Harlot's Progress, Plate 2 Item 1732
1993_122 The Harlot's Progress, Plate 3 Item 1732
1993_126 View on the River Saint Francis C.E. Item 19th cent.
1993_127 View on the St-Francis near Sherbrooke Item 19th cent.
1993_130 Mountain Scenery, Eastern Townships C.E. Item 19th cent.
1993_132 River St. Francis near Richmond & Melbourne Item 19th cent.
1993_133 Lake Massawippi Item 19th cent.
1993_135 Owl's Head, Round Island, Whet Stone Island, & Magoon Point (Lake Memphremagog) Item 19th cent.
1993_148 Portrait of Bishop Williams, 4th Bishop of Québec, M.A. D.D. Item 1889
1993_150 Extensive River Landscape, Eastern Townships, Que. Item 19th cent.